February 1, 2006 at 6:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

You know those e-mails you get that say something like “Forward this to 10 other people in 15 minutes, and _______ will happen, or appear, or come to fruition”???  Well, I , for one, am tired of them.  When I actually do them, nothing happens.  Its disappointing at first, then just annoying.  So the next time I get one, I think I will reply and forward to others something like this:

I recieved another one of those annoying e-mails that promises you something if you send it to others (that way we can all be disappointed and annoyed) and then nothing happens if you do it.  So instead of forwarding it to you, I’m doing you the favor of letting you know that when I recieve these in the future, you will recieve this message.  I believe that time is valuable.  So if you see an e-mial from me in the future titled ” don’t bother reading this” – don’t.  It simply means I have recieved another one.  In this way I hope to stamp out such e-mails.  Please join me in my campaign to save our nation from such things.  When you recieve those types of e-mails, copy and paste this message and send it to the offender. 



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  1. If this comment actually goes through I will be so happy I will probably do a little dance of joy.

  2. HOLY COW IT WORKED!!! Do you know that I have been trying for like TWO FREAKING WEEKS to comment on this site??? Damn near gave up. I kept trying to remember to say something to you on my blog, but this last bit has sucked a duck. Either way, I just wanted you to know I have been reading and have TRIED TO SAY SOMETHING!!!!!! I feel much better now!

  3. HA! I only wish I had the guts. My darling cousin who is the number 1 offender (forwards almost every day!) is olderish and so nice and I just can’t bear to hurt his feelers. So I delete and fume in silence.

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