Bragging it up

February 2, 2006 at 10:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Paging Dr. Joyce Brothers… or maybe Dr, Phil- I was raised in Texas.  Well, thats it, I’ve lost it.  I’m updating my page, when I happen to notice what I put down for age- 21.  I haven’t been 21 on over a year- I just turned 23.  When I originally started my blog I was 22.  So, even though I planned on NOT being one of those women (MOM*cough*) that lies about their age, I am doing it.  Does it count if it was unconsiously?  I must be getting reeeeally good at lying- so good in fact, that I believe me.  Befor you know it I will have myself convinced I am once again a size 5. THAT would be incredible…*sigh*!

Well, enough about my nerosis… I have decided that I should be sharing all the adorable things that my baby girl does.  After all, as a mom, she is my life.  So, I’ll try and feature a little incident when I write from now on about her.  So here goes.

Today, we are sitting on the couch, having a ‘lil “snuggle” time, when she belts out “WANNA KISSSHHH!” and grabs my face, hands on either side.  She gives me a big wet one- right on the…CHEEK!  Thats her new thing, she likes to kiss on the cheek.  So lightly, infact (normally) that I don’t think her lips actually make contact most of the time.  Another new habit she has picked up in the last week or so is : “wannn chocolat” (want chocolate) only she pronounces it more like the movie, Chocolat.  So finally, after like the 3rd time, I’ll get her a chocolate graham cracker out (I feel better about that then the candy bar she really wants).  I just know I’m giving her diabetes…


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