The UFC and baptism

February 4, 2006 at 9:32 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Today, wonderful wife that I am, I told Jeremy that he could order the forty-something dollar pay-per-view UFC match.  Not only that, but I made a 7-layer (well, 5-layer, really) dip, and we got sandwhiches, and sodas (we don’t normally drink soda) chips, etc.  They showed up, ate, and went downstairs.  I cleaned up, kept Hali upstairs (except for about 15 min.) bathed her, and put her to bed, while Jeremy played x-box, and watched fights.  After I put Hali to bed, I made my 2 week menu (thank you very much).  Next week I should have to spend about 15 bucks on a few little things, other than that I got everything today.

Well, enough of me trying to make myself look good.  My little brother, the baby, was baptised today.  He had such a look on his face when he came in to be confirmed!  You just knew how pleased with himself he was!  And all the attention was on him, he was lapping it up.  Right as he is coming out of the water, my darling daughter says (loudly) ” That’s funny!” This is a new thing of hers, she says it alllll the time.  For the confirmation, my dad calls Jeremy up, to join in, and Hali does NOT like this.  She begins to scream.  So I got to miss most of that- I had to take her out of the room. Today’s post doesn’t really make Miss Hali look so cute, but thats what happened.  Oh, then when we’re all leaving, Cameron gets in the car w/ Kirk, and Hali SCREAMS, again.  She wanted him to stay and play w/ her.  So there we are, standing in the parking lot, she’s screaming, I’m trying to keep her from getting run over while Jeremy gets the car. Ya, FUN! But we decided to get donuts at The Bakers Dozen on the way home, and they were delish!  Hali gobbled a whole one down in record time, and was reaching for more.  It may not sound like it to some, but a nice day on the whole.

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