Good Morting!

February 9, 2006 at 11:42 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Around here, we don’t always get up at the butt crack of dawn- excuuuuuuuse me! If it is 8:something, I think I’m doin’ good.  I don’t have an alarm clock aside from Hali, so I usually get up when she does.  Sometimes I remember to ask Jerm to wake me up, but he rarely does.  So for the 3rd time this week I have been woken up by the dreaded, the ANNOYING TELEMARKETER! Ugh, I think once I actually got up and answered it, another my hubby was still here and asleep, so he got it, but another I just let it go. Not the best way to start my day, KWIM? There is a theory, that smaller adults need less sleep, so if you are well, not so small, do you need more? Because I totally think I need at least 8 hrs. I used to only need 6 or 7 in my thinner days. Just something I have been pondering.

Changing gears, my Hali did not want to settle down last night- she was just talky talky talky.  Just saying words in random order, with a few phrases and sentences mixed in.  She did not want DH to sit, she kept pulling on his hand to play w/ her, and she didn’t even want me to play w/ her.  She wanted to hide w/ Jerm then yell “Coom fine uth!” Interpretation : Come find us! She was such a daddy’s girl last night- what a change! I loved it- she is usually such a mama’s girl!


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