Moving (again) and Halitalk

February 24, 2006 at 11:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Space Bags are great! We got some for our bedding, sheets, blankets, throws, etc. We crammed soooo much into the jumbo sized one- you wouldn’t believe it. Plus, there is something oddly satisfying about sucking the air out of them with the vacuum… It’s amazing how much they shrink after sucking all that air out.  Jeremy just saw this and says “people don’t care about this- you’re such a weirdo”.  He may be right.  But I also told him people don’t *have* to read this.  Plus its kinda like a journal for me, thus the weird things I write about.  I just wanna help! I have some great recommedations, and I want to share what I know about great products out there that you might not otherwise try. See how good I am to you!LOL! Well here is our….

Moving update:

We have gotten utilities and such shut off, starting Mon. We dumped off 3 huge garbage bags of clothes and shoes at the D.I. We just got everything in the family room (in the basement) move ready. I think our stress reached its climax today.  We had a huge flight ordeal, and now I have a ticket for the 12th, landing in Houston late that night (late for me). 

I can already tell its going to be a “I just want Jeremy to come get us and take us to our beds, wherever they may be.  Don’t make me talk much, or exert anymore energy, just get me home.” Its weird, though because I don’t know where exactly home will be, so it’s hard to imagine.  And I am the type who likes to plan everything out in her head, then be really disappointed when things aren’t how I expected.  So you can imagine, that happens a lot to me.

On other fronts, Hali is really starting to speak in sentences and phrases more often, although most of her demands are still single words, one or two syllables. Her lisp is something Jeremy and I for some reason feel we must try and emulate almost everyday, its so cute and funny. Her “p”s are a very “ptttthhh” like.  Lots of spit involved. No, its okay, really- I needed a shower just now.


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