Cows and We Miss Dad

March 2, 2006 at 1:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

One of the cows behind my parents calved this past weekend.  It is amazing to see this little animals stand and chase their mommas around.  And to think it takes our children a year to do this! These animals have to survive, though, so they are able to walk just after birth. It’s funny to watch them and notice the similarities. 

The little calf keeps following his mama, bugging her for food, even as she is trying to get a few bites in herself.  You see her look down at him like “Would you leave me alone for a few minutes so I can do SOMETHING!” Yep, I think all mom’s know that feeling. But you also see them all cuddled up together in their own little corner, having some bonding time. 

Where would we be without a little “cuddows” as Hali pronounces it? I wonder if as the calves become cows or bulls, their mothers teach them to be picky about which bulls/cows they hang out with? Or if they teach their girls how to look their best, that way they can attract the “right” kind of bulls? I can hear it now- “Don’t go lowering your standards just because he has the biggest horns in the herd!”

Okay, so that’s my weird quota for the day- sorry, just thought it was funny and couldn’t stop myself from going just a little too far.

Well, Hali and I (especially me) really miss Jeremy.  She just asked for him again.  I am explaining that Daddy is in Texas (and she repeats Texas in her own cute way).  He is finding us a new place to live, and that will be our home.  We’ll get on a plane in a few days and then we will be with Daddy in Texas. This usually happens twice a day, and seems to satisfy her. Yes, I see we will soon be approaching the ask- a-hundred-questions-everyday stage… Hopefully we will be at the I-am-potty-trained stage once we get settled in, as well as the I-sleep-in-my-own-bed-all-night-without-waking-up stage! And if we could get past the I-must-have-mommy-within-sight-at-all-times stage, that would be GREAT!


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