No- don’t eat that!

March 5, 2006 at 11:40 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

It was almost the end of the fast and testimony meeting today in the chapel of my parents ward here in Ammon. Hali had done pretty well. A few  loud but brief exclamations of joy and/or demand. I, being the Molly Mormon that I am (yep, thats me) try and pick up after my family, so I had Hali go pick up a cheerio she had dropped. It was under the pew in front of us, so she crawled under to get it and came up with a tic-tac and a cheerio.  Into her mouth went the tic-tac.  We all watched it happen like a movie in slow motion.  It was in before we could stop it.  We can only hope it wasn’t spit out by its previous owner.

I think my parents spent nearly half of the meeting trying to get Hali to come sit on their laps so they could read to her.  That’s a no go.  She wouldn’t do it, no matter how interesting and exciting my dad tried to make “Five Little Ladybugs” seem to him so that she would want him to read it to her.  However, Sydney was able to convince The Princess to come sit with her, so that she could read Her Highness the royal Dora the Explorer boxed set. Is it possible that Hali is spoiled? Naaa, its just my imagination.


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