FITS!!! In Walmart and Harry Potter

March 7, 2006 at 6:06 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I had another Mom moment (well, several minutes) today. My mom, Hali, and I loaded up and headed to Walmart this morning. We were all kinda excited (yes, I know, we have no life) because we had plans on getting things.  For example, a really cute Easter dress for Hali we spotted weeks ago there. I had my eye on some shirts too. Plus, we of course had to pick up HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE!!!

Well after about oh, 2 1/2 minutes in Walmart, I wanted to just run away.  Far, far away. As far from my screaming, fit throwing daughter as I could get. Now, she has thrown fits and cried in stores befor, believe you me. But this time, it wasn’t like all she wanted was out of the cart.  She already was.  I don’t know what she wanted or what the problem was.  I don’t think she knew. I do know she wanted to run loose in the bra and panty section.  But alas, I AM a MEAN, MEAN mommy. 

I gave her the options of returning to the cart, or holding my hand.  To this she responded by screaming and jumping up and down.  In the middle of the isle.  While a guy, who had the gall to glare at me, was trying to get by. So I (yes, I think I handled things well- *patting myself on the back*) pulled Hali down between some clothing racks, and let her cry and scream.  When she started breathing again, I told her that we don’t act like this in stores, and that she was NOT hurt, that she NEEDED to stop or I would make her sit in the cart.  She didn’t stop, so I followed through.  Until she nearly threw herself from it.  THAT would have gotten me some glares! So lets just say she got a talking to when we got home, and she will not be watching her Dora movies today (she only watched a 23 min. Dora cartoon this morning before we left). Whew!

Anywhoo, HP and the Goblet of Fire was sooooo great! Its always better in the theater (saw it w/ hubby-bubby in Nov.) but at home you can pick it apart, talk about what you liked or didn’t like, and how it was changed from the book. Why I haven’t recieved a call from them, asking me to help them yet, I don’t know.  I still think that #4 is the best of the series so far, as well as the book, although #6 is right next to it, and I suspect that #7 will be my favorite upon its release in July of 2007.


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