We’re anti-social

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Well I did it.  I took Hali to story time this morning.  Thats right- our library has reading times especially for 18 mos. to 3 years old(10:00, 10:30, or 11:00).  I knew it was not going to go as I imagined (you know, she is happy and smiling and singing along and attentively listening to the story)when as we were waiting for the 10:00 to start a cute little girl offered a toy car to her, wanting to play with her.  Hali looked at it and starting yelling “NONONONONONO” as she crawled onto my lap.  So I had to explain to this poor sweet girl that she is just shy, and that was nice of her to share and thank you, but I guess she’s just scared.  Right after this, story time started so we headed over to the room and she wouldn’t walk, I had to carry her.  Then she flipped out again.  And again.  And again.  Not even the lure of the animal crackers would deter her.  She wasn’t having it.  And the 10:00 is the least crowded time. 

So she needs to be socialized (again).  I’ll be calling a friend from the next town over where we lived before we moved to Idaho.  We used to do a play group.  She may not be able to right away- she’s due with baby #4.  I know a few women around my age here with kids around Hali’s age, but… well, most of them have dated my husband.  And that’s just weird.  One even proclaimed her love for him when she heard we were getting married (she was already married).  I could just fake it for Hali, but  I like to be real KWIM?  I like to be around people I LIKE.  Soooo, I think I need to ask around and see what’s to do around here.  I plan on taking her to the mall tommorow. There is one of those “tree” play areas there with lots of kids.  The germaphobe in me will be bringing hand wipes.  Plus, we can do a little walking and window shopping.

A lot of Hali’s behavior lately is from the move I’m sure.  So we made out a new schedual, and chore chart and just worked on getting organized and back on track.  Hali needs more activity during the day, so I worked out different things for us to do everyday like going to the library, the pool, the park, the mall, art and game days, etc.  We tend to do a little lesson everyday, as well as coloring and play dough and dress up- stuff like that- almost every day.  I need to not be bored and so does she.  Thankfully, even though we don’t have satallite or cable or w/e (DH and I decided not to get it when we moved, and so far I don’t miss it really) we do have dvds to watch, so Hali gets to watch one a day, and I get to spend time on the computer and doing chores.  Now if I could just get her to bed THE FIRST TIME I put her down, it’d be great.  Two’s hard, but fun.  Potty training & bottle weaning is mixed right in there with new words, phrases, and discoveries.  Not to mention fits followed by cuddles and loves.  Personality traits (both good and bad) really come out.  And the sanity that you felt like you were regaining after you no longer had to wake up every three hours goes right back out the window. 

Oh, and every few months we go on a health kick.  Jeremy is really getting into this one.  He is tired of fast food, which he eats too much of.  He feels hungry pretty quickly after eating it (atleast breakfast anyways) so we are renewing our efforts.  I found some great receipes online and got a book from the library, so I’ll let you know if we find anything fabulous.  It’ll be hard because, well, there are a lot of vegetables out there that I can’t stand.  And I don’t like fish.  But I have always made sure that there is atleast one vegetable with dinner, and Hali eats lots of fruit during the day, so nothing dramatic should have to happen.  I have been working on broadening my cooking resume anyways.  I made taboule a few weeks ago- I didn’t let it soak long enough (don’t always follow the directions on the box).  A pita wrap with some taboule on the side is really good, though.  And some hummus.  Really healthy too.  Well, I know what I’m getting at the grociery store this weekend!

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