I’m fat, they’re not

May 6, 2006 at 11:11 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Compared to some “internet rockstars” I am nothing, they probably easily get what I get a year in a day.  My husband doesn’t understand at all.  He thinks I am weird to get excited that people want to read what I write about my life (though I am sure most of those numbers were just family members trying to look at pics of Hali).   I allow myself a few disillusions.  You know like: its okay to not dress your child every once in a while if you’re not going anywhere; or its okay to not get dressed until noon every once in a while.  Or casual days mean pjs all day (ya, both those things happened this week).  As much of a control and organizational freak I can be, I still like my comforts.  Comfort foods, comfy clothes (actually, most aren’t enough so for me, so usually its pjs) a good movie, a cood cuddle, comforting news…you get the idea. 

I got a book on nutrition (see, I don’t even think I can spell it, let alone…)and healthy eatting for the family at the library Thursday.  Usually these books make me feel bad that I’m not doing better, but in reality after reading this book I felt only a few changes needed to be made.  I had slacked off on the whole wheat/whole grain.  So we got back on track by hitting Walmart yesterday. 

Now I just need to drag my big ‘ol but outta bed earlier to do Boot Camp- TyBo- with Billy Blanks or whatever its called my mom gave me the “basic training” part, and I can just about make it through the warm ups.  I know, it sounds pathetic but it’s not as bad as it seems.  I didn’t even realize it was still the warm up section until they said we were almost done or something.  Thats how intense it is.  Have you seen the people in those videos?  Talk about making you feel like a fat tub of lard!  Can we say washboard abs?!  Dang!  I have a keg, and while those who drink beer may prefer a keg to a six pack, no one prefers a keg sized tummy.

I looked up Hali’s, Jeremy’s and my BMIs in this book, and Hali is on the lightest side.  Almost too light for her height aparently.  Now, I don’t know if you’ve seen her, but I have never thought this about her.  She is a big 2 year old.  And its not fat so much- she really tall.  People are always comenting on how tall she is.  So then I looked up Jeremy.  Even though he has put on a few pounds, he is right where he should be.  So feeling cheered, I decided to check mine out.  I am overweight, but not obese according to the chart.  Barely.  Well, I knew that- I mean, I have yet to shop in the plus size womens department and I’m somewhat tall (5’7).  Of course, Jeremy is tall too(6’0) and so is Hali(3’2), so we are a tall family. 


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