Art, Shopping, and Mr.Clean- aka, the Trinity

May 17, 2006 at 7:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I’m not a web designer, but I am a fairly intelligent person (as I keep insisting to Jeremy).  So I was SYKED when I finally got the whole website/blog thing ALMOST looking how I wanted it to.  Yes, I am patting myself on the back a little, but I have been staying up until almost 2:00 every morning this week.  Okay, I am past it now.

I am all for expressing yourself through whatever creative outlet(s) you so chose, but I think in this case, Hali may have gone a little too far.  This may not look like much, but it actually covers a section of wall about 3×4 feet.

This isn’t the first time she has colored on the walls.  I mean, come on- I think its some kind of rule that all 2 yr. olds must color on walls.  And doors.  And furinture.  And themselves.  And the t.v.
Well, she actually did this yesterday, but I was out of THE all important, mom-must-have Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and didn’t even want to attempt to tackle it without one.  All Hail The Eraser! And no, they’re not paying me, although they should! 

So Hali and I headed over to the Dollar General this afternoon in search of a few things, and found lots of things.  Yes, I shop at dollar stores.  And Walmart, Target, (pronounced Tar-shay, because it’s fancy that way) Payless, and Sam’s Club.  We’re not rich, and I am not prideful.  We also stopped off at Payless, because when I went over Mother’s Day weekend they didn’t have ANY of the shoes I wanted in my size.  I HATE that!  I wear a certain larger size in clothes which I will not mention and is hard to find, but a very small shoe size (6) that is hard to find cute shoes in.  But look what I found!

For a mom like me, comfy but cute shoes are a MUST.  Did I mention how cheap they were?  Well, they were only $12.99 and you may be thinking they are going to fall apart on me, but I have always had great luck with Payless shoes.  They go way out of style before they fall apart on me, so I buy ’em ’cause I am (if you wanted to put it nicely) frugal.  Not to mention broke alot of the time.

That concludes today’s message and story of our miraculous experiences with The Trinity.  Here’s what else Hali did today:

This is a favorite activity of hers.  She enjoys pulling things out of the pantry and leaving them on the floor of our miniscule kitchen for unsuspecting parents to trip over.  Kind of like her Daddy’s tendancy to leave atleast 3 pairs of shoes scattered about for us to trip on.  Have you ever seen a size 12 Nike Airshock?  It’s roughly the size of a boat.  I can put both my feet in one.  I don’t know which hurts worse: stubbing your foot on a can of beans or on one of Jeremy’s shoes.  That sentence has probably never been written by any one ever before- its that weird.

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