My inadiquecies (see I can’t even spell it)

May 23, 2006 at 3:52 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

   In my quest to make a little dough, I spent all this week applying for banners and other things to do from home for PUNEY (is that how its spelt? Is spelt a word?  I never check my spelling…) pay.  Then I was forced to admitt (once again) that I am not a web designer and I can NOT figure out how to get the banners on my blog.  The company where I got my domain name ( offered this cheesy online web and blog design programs so I just did that instead of getting the one on EBAY that I had my eye on.  I know NADA about html formatting and blah blah blah.  So now, unless someone helps me that knows what to do, I can either A.) make no money off my site like I wanted to or B.) buy some software.  I am kinda hoping for some help.  My SIL’s boyfriend is something of a computer guy, so I may have to ask him.  

   This is all good and well, but it has sucked up all my time.  So here’s a quickie:  Jeremy went to this “highly recommended” barber shop, and came back looking like an army recruit.  As do all the men who get there hair cut at this particular place, apparently.  My skin is sucking big time.  Idaho dried it out pretty well, and I was not as covered in acne as I AM NOW!  The humidity and the stress that is our life here have taken its toll, and I am forced to realize that as a mom, I have had acne (not big, gross, and not oh, no, is that A pimple- but somewhere in between) for well over a decade now.  So, I am seriously considering the Proactive off brand they offer at Sams.  It has done wonders for one of my sisters, and I think (although it is kind of pricey for me) I may have to try it.  Adult acne, stretch marks, incontinence, apartment BOOTY smells…yep, I am kind of gross.  

   OOOOOOOOhh! Are you ready for this!? No?!  Too bad!  My husband just went and got us a dvd player with two moniters that go behind the head rests for my car!!!  I am soooo excited!!!  Hali should be such a happy camper now.  I can go see friends and go to the mall or just be in the car with her for longer than 10 minutes now without her squirming to get out!  She can actually move the straps on her car seat off her little schrumptious shoulders and push them around her waist.  This worries me everytime.  If only I wasn’t such a scaredy driver, I would take her into Houston or to the beach.  Jeremy will have to do the driving on those, though.  I am just to scared and nervous and stressed out by driving in Houston.  You have to understand- people here are MEAN drivers!  If you are not doing 5 mph over the speed limit around here, you are subjected to GLARES.  And HEAD SHAKING!  Jeremy has asked me to not share with them a rude hand gesture involving a particular finger, seeing as how I may further anger these already demented drivers, thus endangering The Child.  

   The Child was unhappy a lot today.  Slacker Mommy that I am, she is still not potty trained.  We have given it a few tries, but I have yet to put forth my full efforts in training her.  So, we tried again today.  She DID NOT want to stay sitting on The Potty while she watched a movie and knocked back apple juice.  So I sat by her and made her stay seated.  When the movie was over, I was SOL.  She waited until I finally wrestled a diaper on her (she doesn’t want to “go” in the potty, but also doesn’t want to wear her diaper once its off) and peed.  A lot.  I tried bribery.  I made her watch me go, while making sure she could see EXACTLY what was going on (too much info. I know).  So now, I will be purchasing plastic and covering everything with it or maybe newspaper, just like a dog.  Maybe those pads they sell that “make” the dog want to go on them will work….I’m KIDDING!  That’s awful.  I shouldn’t have even said that.  Although, I am planning on laying out a lot of blankets as a buffer, because well, they’re easier to get the pee smell out of than carpet is.  I even bought her Dora panties, and she loves them.  Just not enough, I guess.  I think I will get one of those dolls that pees too.  You know, you do the whole “look the baby went potty, YAY!!! Lets party, the baby is so great!  She gets candy! WOW! What a big girl!  What, oh, YOU want to go potty now?!”  It usually takes her a few minutes to “go” in the mornings, but she cries and runs from the potty chair if I try and put her on it then.  She and I need a while to really wake up in the mornings.

Speaking of morning- it is rapidly approaching…

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  1. I’ve had adsense for about 3 months and I have made about 20 bucks. It was a big day when I could buy the Twix Bar I’ve had my eye on. I am awful at HTML too, but I’ve been learning a bit at a time. I relate to the acne. I actually think it is getting worse as I get older! GRRRR.

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