Gee, cartoons are sooo unrealistic…

May 24, 2006 at 7:37 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

   I’m parked in front of my laptop (not that it really can go on your lap, because 1. as soon as its unplugged the screen goes so dark you have to squint to read anything, 2. I don’t pay for that fancy and unreliable wireless internet, 3. I have a Compaq that’s a couple years old, and it will make your legs fall asleep due to its unweildy weight, and 4. I like to stay hooked up to my printer and atleast one adapter so I can get my pics of my camera whenever it strikes my fancy.

   But this is completely beside the point.  I was going to say that I am sitting right next to the television that is blaring
SpongeBob Squarepants right now.

   Up until a few months ago, Hali was an avid
Dora the Explorer fan.  She loved all things Dora- still does.  But SpongeBob is what she asks to watch the most lately.  When we moved, we didn’t get cable, or dish or w/e, we just buy new movies every once in a while and we rent from the Red Box at McDonalds a lot.  Hali is allowed to watch one movie a day.  So it goes without saying, that I have seen a lot of cartoons/episodes.  

   I find myself criticizing them.  Not because I think they are too violent or have bad undertones or anything.  I notice the mistakes.  I notice that although Boots only wears red boots normally, be sleeps in pajamas.  I notice that although one episode was devoted to Dora finding a necklace that matched her bracelet, you never see it on her afterwards.  I notice that they walk by the same group of repeated background trees and bushes.  I wonder why a five or six year old is allowed to wander around all by herself.  I notice that even though SpongeBob lives underwater, he still tries to bathe Gary.  I notice that a fire is apparently possible underwater.

   Then I realize that it doesn’t matter- its a cartoon.  Animals cannot TALK.  Animals don’t wear CLOTHES.  Its not realistic, because its NOT SUPPOSED TO BE!  I then proceed to KICK myself for wasting so much time thinking about stupid things like this.  This is a problem for me.  I cannot seem to get my mind to shut down at night.  I think about the weirdest things- I even make up scenarios in my head of things that might happen.  That is how strange I am.  I will be startled by a bump in the night only to realize that I wasn’t really asleep.  I was still THINKING!  

   Just after we moved into our TINY apartment, I decided that it would be really neat for Hali and I to plant some seeds in one of those big barrel type of flower containers.  Well, seeing as I have killed every plant I ever owned, I think you know where this is going.  Yes, I am sorry to inform you that we lost the bachelor buttons to___?  I think maybe too much sun.  Seeing as they are already in the ground, I don’t know what to do now.  Should I try again with some flowers that need lots of sun?  I think I may have some sunflowers around here somewhere.  Any suggestions?  They’d have to be able to thrive in heat too, as this is Texas and its already in the 90s.



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  1. Lavender does really well in hot, dry conditions. So do moss roses and pansies (you have to water them well). It’s funny, I let my kids pick out one flower a year and it is their flower to take care of…Christopher’s plant this year is Bachelor buttons. 😀

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