5 Things and then some

May 26, 2006 at 4:01 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Oh my, I have been “tagged” so I will get this out of the way first:



5 Things in my ‘fridge:

          -green tea, my new “healthy” addiction

          -juice, Hali and Jeremy are addicted

          -some incredibly old strawberries

          -this new tuna salad I invented with TONS of stuff in it

          -organic peanut butter, the can says to refridgerate


5 Things in my closet:

          -a snowboard (we just REALLY downsized & have no storage

          -a box of books

          -an igloo

          -maternity clothes (you never know…)

          -huge box of coats & sweaters that are so unnecessary in TX


5 Things in my purse:

          -a diaper (for when I don’t wanna bring a diaper bag)

          -wipes, for the obvious reason, plus we are germaphobes

          -small box of raisins




5 Things in my car:

          -new dvd player/moniters

          -cd case

          -a Dora sippy cup that rolled under the seat

          -Hali’s car seat

          -w/e hub left in it, he took it over while he tries to sell his truck


5 Things I’ve done today:

          -talked to my mom and sister Sydney

          -went to the library

          -read two books on web design

          -watched some of the Chappell Show, season 2 on dvd

          -actually took a curling iron to my hair


5 Things I can NOT do without:



          -a shower

          -this laptop/internet

          -Hali’s movies (a mom’s gotta have a few minutes to herself)


There, now I am tagging:






Now that’s over, I can tell you what is up.  I am thrilled to not have some funny little antidote of what Hali got up to today.  She of course colored on some walls, but what’s new?  She did get upset when we pulled up to the apartment after we went to the library (which apparently isn’t doing an 11:00 story time anymore, so I have to get going faster on Thursdays from now on).  She wanted to keep watching the cartoon that was in the dvd player.  So I herded her upstairs with the promise of juice and coloring with her beloved crayons.


Jeremy called later to announce that he had to hurry and get rid of his truck before it sucked up anymore money.  So, yes, until it sells I will be without a car.  Again.  Puleeeeeez let someone buy it this weekend, and then a great deal on a new one fall miraculously into our laps…ya, it’s probably too much to ask.


At the library I got several books on you guessed it, web design and one on XHTML.  Yep, I said I wouldn’t, but I am fully aware of how much this blog lay out sucks and how my web page will never get off the ground if I don’t get some good software.  So I am going to learn *the basics of coding.  I JUST told myself I would NOT clutter my brain, sucking up much needed storage space in my poor brain with it, but I’m doing it now.  I guess.  I hate it- if I say it, I *almost always mean it…some of the time…well, when I REALLY mean it, anyways.



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