The “ahhh” factor

May 30, 2006 at 8:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

   Why, after a particularly refreshing drink of a beverage chilled to perfection do we emit this swallowed “ahhh” sound?  I’ve seen it on t.v., is that why- the media?  I don’t think so.  I do it after taking a gulp so huge I am out of breath.  My husband does it.  Hali does it after taking a long pull of apple juice, or the rarely had soda.  We all do it.  Why?  My mom, a notorious (and proud of it) diet coke addict does it EVERY time she takes a drink from a newly opened can, or when she is particularly thirsty.  Or when she has gone longer than she wanted between gulps.  It’s just one of life’s mysteries.  You know, like the pyramids, but not…

   Speaking of Hali drinking juice (nice tie-in there, huh?!), last night there was a desperate search for her Dora sippy cup full of icy cold apple juice (a must have this season for all toddlers).  She was desirous of this elusive sippy cup above all things (ya, that’s right- I’ll get all biblical on you).  In order to wash down her dinner, it was necessary (that, or she just wanted to sprinkle juice from it all over my carpet and furniture which is a new habit of hers).  Right before dinner, we realized that it was no where to be found.  So a search ensued.  It was not under the ottoman, behind the t.v., or on her table in her room- you know the usual spots.  I was stumped.  So the search party (aka Hali and her mom) began a thorough, methodical investigation.  It was not to be found anywhere, in any room- we even checked closets and bathrooms.  So I got another down, and our lives went on.  

   This afternoon, Hali walked right over to the hiding spot and picked it up.  And proceeded to drink from it.  Apple juice takes longer than say, 18 hours to ferment, right?  Aaaaah!  The little booger knew right where it was.  I quickly snatched it out of her hands.  The whole unsanitary thing just doesn’t occur to toddlers.  They will eat old raisins (I know they’re already dried, but leave ’em out and see what happens), old crackers, and old bottles that apparently didn’t make it to the dishwasher.  Yet they love dirt and mud.  Unless it’s not fun, like when they fall down and the world stops until they are able to wipe their dirty hands off on mom’s pants (whatever color or level of niceness they may be).  Now, I am generalizing here, not all toddlers are like this- just most.

   Today, my nice hubby bubby dropped off my car, and picked up his truck to haul some lumber in.  He has been trying to sell the truck, and even listed it on Ebay (he’s an addict) so he has not been wanting to drive it around (that, and well, it may break down at any moment and we have already sunk too much $$$$ into it).  He thought he was doing a nice thing, and so did I.  He even came home for lunch and I made him a meatball sandwich.  With a kiss and a grope of my rear he was gone.  With my keys.  Out of habit, I guess he just grabbed them.  About half an  hour later I got a call, saying he was sorry.  I told him that this same thing happened to one of my fav. bloggers- Redneck Mommy.  I stretched the truth and said something like “oh, and her hubs felt bad so her brought home pizza, chocolate, and a foot rub.  He laughed.  Out loud.  Meanly.  Yep, that laugh was all I needed to know “fat chance” was coming out of his mouth.  Once again- but a girl can dream…..

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  1. I still do the, “AHHHH” thing, on occasion. It usually involves Diet Coke and a sweltering hot day, though. I HATE not having a car (Or KEYS) it happens to me all the time. Grrr…:D

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