Self Gratification

June 1, 2006 at 6:43 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

No, not that kind- perv!  I am talking about that oh-so-annoying-to-others thing that I catch myself doing.  It goes something like this: “Hali did this and this today, and I, wonderful being/wife/mother that I am did this…”  Ugh, even I don’t like me after reading some of my stuff.  I’ve been looking into writting for other big women/mommy blogging “networks” lately.  I decided it’s high time I, being the creative individual that I am (see- I’m doing it again!) figured out what I am going to be when I grow up.  That, and contributing to the family income would be, well, really great.  One site says that your articles must not have happy endings, with everything all wrapped up nicely.  To counter that, another says that you cannot write articles that are self depreciating, or negative towards yourself and your choices.  So…..

Life just isn’t like either one of those.  I do lean heavily towards the whole “everything is not wrapped up nicely” style, but occasionally there is a happy ending.  There are just not enough happy endings in life, so I’ll take ’em when I can get ’em, thanks. 

On the other hand, we all have negative, insecure feelings about ourselves and our abilities (esp. as mothers).  Why not write about them for anyone who stumbles onto this site to see?!  Bonding over our children, motherhood, our faults and insecurities is what we women DO!  I find myself feeling as though some of these women- the one’s who read my blog and the ones who’s blogs I read- are my friends.  I have never actually physically met them, yet we have bonded through our shared experiances.  If you blog, this is a no brainer for you- no new revelation here.  But if you don’t, this is my feeble attempt to explain things.

‘Nuff said.

Today, construction on our very own ARK began.  It has rained everyday for 6 days now.  If it rains tomorrow- and I think it will, the forecast calls for scattered thunderstorms- I will discuss the possibilities with my husband, who just happens to be working for his dad, who owns a carpentry business!  Imagine that.  Now, I know they make kitty litter boxes for lazy people that actually remove the precious kitty turds automatically, but do they make them for cows?  Because I am NOT cleaning that up, nor am I going to be smelling it for a month plus.

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