Living in the past

June 2, 2006 at 3:57 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

On Thursdays, we typically go to the library. I just love to people watch there! You find the strangest collection of people there. You find elderly people being dropped off by vans, mentally handicapped people wandering around. Moms and kids.  Middle class and lower. High school kids and college students. Women strolling in dressed as if they were stuck in 1989, women stuck in 1994, women stuck in 1998, you get the picture. The lyrics “but she’s still preoccupied with 1984” come to mind.  Why must we dress the way we dressed when we were in high school? I catch myself doing it (luckily I am only 23, so I can get away with styles only five years old or so). My dear wonderful hubby does it. Can I just get this out really quick?

Neither are: stirrup pants, big bangs (ya, I was THE queen of that- if they didn’t protrude at least 3 inches from my head it was a bad hair day), or EYEBROWS THAT ARE DRAWN ON!!!  Oh, why do women do this to themselves?  Are they unable to grow some themselves?  Do they lack the self control to not put that razor near their faces?  Was it plucking gone wild? What?  What excuse could it possibly be?!  If you are one of these women, please do not get offended- I just don’t understand it. In fact, comment and tell me why.  Also please reconsider doing it.  The I-am-swimming-in-gel look and the over processed hair that is so dry and frizzy it is about to disintegrate (they make products for that you know) look are also NOT GOOD LOOKS!  CEASE AND Desist!

Now before you try and reprimand me, I understand that some people must wear clothes that are over a decade old, because they cannot afford to buy new ones.  This is not the case with several of the women I noticed of whom I am speaking of.  In fact, I noticed two or three of them climb into their less than three year old hugenormous SUVs and leave.  So that was not the problem.  Was it laundry day, and all they had that was clean was last years gag Halloween costume?  Maybe it was eighties day at the school or office.  Maybe they are just so above earthly/worldly things such as wearing the new fashions that they don’t even consider it.  Or maybe its just bad taste because they think that looks GOOD for some reason.  Stacy and Clinton where are you?!  Please come to my local library!

And take me shopping!  As a gal on a minulesk budget, I am no fashion plate.  I am a mom, therefor I wear capri/cropped pants.  It’s like our uniform.  I finally bucked up and splurged on a ten dollars pair of gauchos.  I am already in love with them, and they came into popularity like two years ago.  I would wear flip-flops all the time if I could.  I heart tunic length shirts.  They are a mom with a post-pregnancy pooch’s best friend.  They just really mask that bulg well….oh my, what am I talking about here!  My stomach was flat as a pancake just 6 weeks after I had Hali….ya that’s it!  And I am a model/rogue secret agent/the next Martha (minus the whole insider trading thing) all rolled into one- lets just group all those disillusions of mine together, shall we?  Fun.

I feel I should place a disclaimer here for my rudeness.  Something like: 

*No people were (intentionally) harmed in the making of this blog entry.  Charli, The Texas Mama, and/or Mom and Me are not liable for any injuries sustained while reading this blog. 


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  1. I really think spandex is never allowable EVER. ON ANYONE. I have a friend in France who is in dispair because the bleach over there SUCKS and therefore her “Summer Mom Uniform” of Kahki’s and white t-shirts is destroyed. She is beside herself.

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