Verbal Diarrhea and My Girl

June 8, 2006 at 6:45 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

   I thought I would start this out with an interesting, albeit somewhat gross sounding title.  As a self proclaimed slacker mom, I am now admitting to the obvious: slacker blogger.  Yep, that’s right.  Don’t try and be nice and act like you didn’t notice.  I know.  Diarrhea of the verbal type has been spilling out onto this blog.  I have put weird, depressing, boring things that I am not proud of on here the past few entries.  I am sorry for filthying it up.  In my quest to keep trudging through, when others took breaks, I handed in some shoddy work.  But things are going to improve.  My inspiration and drive have been renewed.  BUT ENOUGH OF MY Whining!!!

   As of late I have been feasting on Hali’s face, arms, shoulders, hands, feet, legs, anything that I can kiss or nibble.  Her wonderful baby soft, smooth, chunky body can’t stay forever.  Watching the little girl in her emerge, I have been forced to realize that she will soon be a stranger to that magical world of babies.  At two and a half, she amazes me daily with her words and actions.  Frequently it is that I sit and stare at her and the little person that she is with her own thoughts and ideas.  As soon as I realize that I have missed something she has said or done that is proof of this growth, I kick myself for not always being in the moment.  It is difficult to always listen to what she is saying.  Currently, she is going through a very extended talkative stage.  We are approximating this stage to end sometime around the time when she either (a.) has a stroke and is rendered incapable of speech, at which point she will annoy her family by writing or typing every little demand out OR (b.) dies, mid-sentence.  We have resigned ourselves to the endless stream of chatter flowing from her mouth, and accept the fact that we very well may never see the end of it.  There are more annoying things out there.

   Such as a daughter, who at two and a half, does not want to (a.) give up her bottles, although she is nearly there or (b.) be potty trained or (c.) sleep in her own bed for more than the first few hours of the night.  I believe it is apparent to you all now the degree of mommy slackerness I have achieved.  It’s not for lack of trying, because I have.  In fact we are nearly bottle free.  We went diaperless yesterday until due her raised level of excitement  when viewing her favorite Rugrats movie, she refused to stay sitting on her potty.  Jumping up and down, dancing, yelling, and singing along are part of her viewing pleasure when watching a movie.  She’s very…interactive.  And the bed thing?  I don’t have an excuse (that’s very good) for that one- it’s just the slacker mom in me once again.  I just have to ball up and do it.  I have balls, my husband tells me.  You just can’t see them he insists.  He says not only that, but I have big balls.  I take it as a compliment.  I’m glad my husband thinks I have balls.  Yet another sentence that I can’t believe I have said written.

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