Yuck! What IS that?!

June 9, 2006 at 7:44 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

   What will you change your clothes for?  If your child wipes snot on you, do you change?  If your baby spits up on you in a non-soaking kind of way, do you change?  If there is a little breast milk on your shirt, do you change?  If there is a small handprint of something that appears to be of a yogurt consistancy, do you change?  I wonder how bad it has to be before other moms will change their clothes…

   Now, I’m not talking about “I was wearing white”, or “about to go out to a nice place” or whatever.  If you are planning on spending your day at home, and you aren’t wearing white pants (What mom in her right mind wears white pants anyways? Is it because it can be bleached?), what stays and what goes?  Is it weird that this is even a consideration?  As your newborn got older, did you find yourself ignoring more and more stains and spills on your person?  If you’ve found yourself examining your clothes and wondering “what IS that?!”  You might be a mom.

   When Hali was first born, few things stayed clean all day.  She had acid reflux and that magical baby poop that shouldn’t even be called poop, because it defies all laws of gravity by going up their backs and no where else.
I would change her no matter what the mess, except for a little tiny dribble down on her collar of drool, spit up, or milk, she was changed.  The only way I changed myself was if I could actually smell it, or if it was poop, or if it soaked me pretty well- like my clothes were sticking to me.  Other than that, it stayed there, on my clothes- a badge of honor if you will.

   When co-sleeping with Hali, I have woken up to a wet bed more than once.  Slacker Mom that I am, sometimes, if it was just a small puddle, I just changed her, put a towel over the offending spot and put her back down closer to me so she wasn’t sleeping in it.  It was still there in the morning.  It didn’t go anywhere- except it was dried by then.  I got some sleep and in the morning theb sheets got washed.  Now, baby pee really doesn’t smell much, it’s not a biggy.  There were plenty of middle of the night sheet changing parties going on in our house due to everyone’s favorite- throw up.  Of course those parties got started by stripping off our clothes and the bed sheets and jumping in the shower together.  Sounds WILD doesn’t it?  Like one crazy party turned orgy.  Too bad it consisted of throw up, laundry, my fat butt, my baby, and occasionally my husband.  That’ll put a dampener on any party…

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  1. Welcome to the ‘Slummy Mummy’ Club – real women like you and I are making the news in the UK as the media have gone crazy for the ‘Slummy Mummy’ and our relaxed attitude to parenting! I wrote about it on my blog today. Thank you for commenting on my first post at DotMoms – the support is really appreciated.

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