Since the dawn of time…

June 20, 2006 at 5:17 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

   For the most part, men like big boobs.  Yes, I am blunt.  If this is a surprise to you, welcome to my blog- this must be your first time here.  Don’t let this scare you off.  Since the dawn of time, men have been drawn to women with larger breasts.  Yes, this is not quite fair.  They are drawn to large ta-tas, whether they know it or not, because of what big bosoms represent.  

   From prehistoric times all the way down until relatively recently, large chests were taken as a sign that women as mothers, would be able to provide.  Their milk would be plentiful.  While we now know that to be incorrect, there it is.  That is why so many men instinctually lika-da-boobies.  That and they are fun and interesting because they don’t have them and they were forbidden for so many of their hormone ridden preteen and teenage years.  

   Women are not immune to these primitive interests either.  Many women find themselves drawn to (even if they aren’t really interested, they just like to look) muscular well built men.  The reasons are basically the same.  These type of men’s bodies say to us on a primeval way that they would be good providers.  With these well muscled bodies, surely they are good hunters.  Their muscled, broad shouldered bodies appeal to us subconsciously because we believe that means they can take care of us and our children.

   You see, we are not yet so fully evolved that we are not drawn to these physical traits.  Luckily, I seriously doubt that we are as drawn to those characteristics as we were a thousand years ago.  We all have our “types”- you know, once we have gotten to know enough men we figure out what it is that we want in one.  Or don’t want.  Or can’t stand.  Or think we can change/train/modify but we can’t.  For the most part.

*It is not the intention of Mom and Me, and/or anyone affiliated with said blog to offend the small breasted women out there. We are not liable for any hurt feelings or duress inflicted by the reading of above.  The views and commentary above are not made in hopes of receiving angry comments- please do make them.  If you feel the need to negatively comment, you know where to stick it.

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  1. I missed my chest when I lost 100 lbs. So, I had them done. It isn’t for everyone, though. Personally, small vs. big doesn’t really matter to me. Perky vs. Saggy old gymsock boobs that made me resemble a caucasian version of a National Geographic Cover is quite a different story… 😀

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