Rough week

July 8, 2006 at 2:46 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

   Ohhhhh, it’s been one of those days.  Man, I really kinda wish I drank right now.  Or atleast had a nice big tub with fancy jet streams of water that shoot out at you.  It’s nearly ten o’clock and I have noooo idea where the hubs is at.  I started my morning off at a dealership.  

   This was followed by Hali pulling out a knife and attempting to make herself a sandwhich because she will surely starve to death whilst my husband calls me over the phone to explain to me why his cargo van has stranded him an hour away from home.  At first I was amazed that my two year old daughter, who still does her business in a diaper, thought enough of herself to believe that she could make a pb&j herself.  I had already gotten the bread, peanut butter, and jelly out when the hub called.  I get off the phone less than 10 min. later to find her on her little potty step stool pulling out a slice of bread from the bag.  I only felt a little guilty that A.)she had pulled out a knife and could have potentially cut herself (it was a dull butter knife, but still) and B.) she was apparently that hungry- she rarely tells me when she is hungry, I have to guess or just offer her food every 3 or 4 hours.

   Just previous to this happening, my husband had been talking to me on his way back from a job site, and sounded as if he would be able to make it home fairly early.  I have been such a good girl and only had like 60 dollars on each credit card.  So I thought that we I deserved to do something a little fun and spontaneous.  So I got onto some travel and hotel sites and found a neat little hotel on the beach for about 160 dollars a night.  We have been talking about how we are going to go to the beach forever.  So I thought this would be fun.  We could go walk the beach this evening, picnic on the beach for dinner, maybe order a dirty movie (j/k) after Hali is asleep, enjoy the views, have a little snuggle time, sleep in, eat a nice big breakfast, then head out to the beach again for some swimming and sandcastle building.  Sounds perfect, right?!  A little toooo perfect, apparently.

   You see, I have this whole unrealistic expectations/hopeful outlook about how things SHOULD go.  I am setting myself up for disappointment- EVERY TIME!  Maybe subconciously I am a gluton for punishment.  Needless to say, I am sitting at home, stewing and wondering where the —- my husband is.  And I have a killer headache.  Please, someone invite my MIL over, and tell her I want to hear all the advise she has to give (my biggest pet peave is when people give you advise that you didn’t ask for- esp. when it involves that person being very hypocritical).  THAT would push me over the edge.  

   Top all this off with me trying to find a part time work at home job.  Yep, that’s right, I am looking to re-enter the work force after being away for more than three years.  Paid work force, that is.  So if anyone out there knows of something available (and no, I am not selling Mary Kay or Avon) let me know.  I have my feelers out at a few sites that may want some more bloggers, or articles or something to that effect, but haven’t heard anything yet.  Just as we haven’t heard back from the realtor on whether or not we got this house for lease that we fell in looooove with.  The house is what prompted me into looking for extra income for our family, because it is a bit pricey for us right now.

   Charli has had a rough day week.


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