Bookmarks, yet another addiction…

July 10, 2006 at 4:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

   You know that nice little drop down part of your tool bar that says BOOKMARKS?  Uh huh- I am addicted.  I have been addicted to this little item since about October or so.  On this bookmark, I have about 10 blogs that I frequently check in on.  There is nothing better than starting your morning with your breakfast and a favorite blog.  I sit down in front of the computer, bleary eyed, morning breath and all and begin merrily clicking away while alternating bites between Hali and myself.  On a good morning, these bloggers have actually posted a new entry and I am a Happy Girl.  Then there is lately.  It seems more and more of my favorite bloggers are taking breaks.  I hardly know what to do with myself… find something else to do besides Stalk Appreciate the musings of Bloggers, perhaps? Nah.

   Also on my bookmarks, are a scarily high number of a few Harry Potter fan sites.  Yes,  I know, my HP obsession has already been closely
documented.   Then there are the 7 womens’/mommy communities that I belong to.  Sounds like I have a lot of time, I know, but don’t let this mislead you.  Many of these are rarely visited.  Nick is also on the list.  Hali loves the site.  She herself, at only two and a half years of age, is addicted to Dora, Diego, SpongeBob, and Rugrats.  Now, don’t get me wrong- she does NOT get to watch these all the time.  In fact, she can chose one a day, and sometimes not even that.  More if she isn’t feeling well or I’m not feeling well.  Hali is also addicted to shoes. These pink sandals in particular.  She wears them ALL the time.  Sometimes, that’s all she is wearing.  No, I’m not letting myself worry that this is a sign she may choose a certain profession which meets the description of wearing nothing but shoes…
<IMG style=”WIDTH: 86px; HEIGHT: 70px” height=1799 src=”/images/21876-20889/HPIM0403.JPG” width=2147>


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