The Big Grind

July 11, 2006 at 7:34 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

   There are many things about myself which I find annoying, even when it’s me that is doing them.  I clench- my teeth that is.  Whenever I am consentrating or in pain or frustrated or even sleeping, I am biting down HARD.  So to remedy said situation I got on to a few sites to order some teeth/mouth guards that are recommended for this supposed disorder called TMJ or something like that.  Apparently one in four adults have it.  So if you wake up with head aches and your jaw hurts, look into it.  What are the odds that my hubs also has it? Yep, but he does it differently.  He grinds his teeth back and forth at night only.  So I like to do it up and down allll the time, and he likes to do it left to right at night.  Sounds kinky…

   But I digress.  After checking out a few sites, The Almighty EBAY pops into my head.  They sell everything on ebay, surely I could get a good deal on these expensive guards, especially since I want two of them.  So I sign into ebay (using my hubs id that I set up for him) and begin shopping.  After I got my kicks by marking Very Kinky Lingerie, A How to Make Adult Films video, and a “I Heart Gay Porn” pillow as items to watch so that they pull up the next time the hubs goes to check on those trucks (or dirtbikes or w/e it is that he is keeping an eye on) he also sees that he is apparently got his eye on a few OTHER things.  Hee- ya, I was tired and silly and having a lot of fun.

   Luckily, I got back on track and found the items I was looking for.  Or so I thought.  After nearly two weeks, I still had not gotten them.  So I e-mailed the guy.  I thought I was being very patient, as ebay recommends that after 5 days and you still haven’t gotten them, you e-mail the seller and ask for a phone number to call.  So the seller does the whole blame it on the mail system bit, and says he will put a couple more in the mail.  Ok, so this doesn’t really help me, as my teeth are getting ground to bits and I needed the guards a week ago.  They finally get here.  I tear open the package and excitedly look in.  I not-so-excitedly call my husband to announce that we just paid $21 for some athletic mouth guards.  You know, the kind yo can pick up at your local sporting goods store for under $5?!  Here is the picture that was on the page with the description of what you will be buying:

   What we got were  these big blue bulky things that I can’t even wear, they are so uncomfortable.  What’s in the picture looks so nice and thin and sleek…  Needless to say, I left a negative responce:  false advertising- there is no excuse for this, & no I am not stupid & can read.  I said this because after looking over all the other negative responces he had gotten, usually responded with comments like ” learn to read” so I wanted to cover my bases.  This is what his comment on my comment was:  “Ordered a none returnable item. Sent order twice because/delivery problems. This”  So I guess his response was cut off.  I’d love to see what the rest was.  So now I get to play the part of b@#$%^! buyer and send a nice little e-mail to the good people at ebay.  He also e-mailed me saying something lovely like ‘what goes around comes around’.  Nice, huh?!  Is that a threat?

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