The Return… from the beach

July 16, 2006 at 2:38 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

   Seeing as Smart Me apparently didn’t remember to bring her camera ANYWHERE when we were at the beach, I took a few pics from the car on the way home.  After passing by Huggy Bear’s gas station, I snapped these.  Yes, I kid you not, the actual name of the gas station is Huggy Bear’s- you know like the Pimp.  Anywhooo, I will post a few pics here, and hopefully they will come through.  I have not been having such great luck with posting pics- it seems they only wish to be seen some of the time by some people. 

   This is possibly one of the most beautiful homes I have seen, and it happens to be a historical landmark in Galveston.  It’s right there on Broadway, and I would totally become a squatter there if it were possible. 

   Pretty, huh?! Just ignore the little metal structures jutting out of the water.  What you don’t see across the way is a huge industrial park.  But I will force share my environmental politics another time.

   Now, I don’t know if you can read what the huge letters atop the building advertise, but they say OCEAN CABARET.  What I just missed taking a picture of what the huge billboard next to it that explains just what they mean by cabaret- totally nude.  I think we could all take a lesson on the art of subtlety from these people.  Not to mention how to be classy and sophisticated while advertising BUTT NAKED WOMEN.  I think that would get the idea across a lot faster- not to mention it will definitely catch your eye more than TOTALLY NUDE would, don’t you agree?  I think my slogan is more appealing.  I would also add in something like “…WHILE SHAKIN’ THEIR LAFFY TAFFY” just to appeal to the younger crowd who probably have no idea what a cabaret is ( it a funny little hat that cab drivers wear?) I should so be getting paid to market for companies…



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