Random Thoughts- Part Two

July 26, 2006 at 2:28 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

  – It has just occurred to me that Chuck Norris looks just like a caveman.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Is he aware that he resembles prehistoric man?

– If you were a celebrity couple, what would your and your other half’s nick name be?  We would be either Jereli or Charmy.  Why do the tabloid/gossip columnist do this anyways?  Do they think its cute, funny, clever, what?  Who decided to do this?

– If you were an animal, what would you be?  Not what you would like to be, but what animal do you believe best represents you?  I asked my husband this today.  It’s really a tough question, because each animal brings something to mind, but what animal covers you and your personality best?  And would you judge what animal you would be by your personality or by what you look like? Maybe both?  This could really be an interesting discussion… 
– I would love to be going to BlogHer.  Not because so many people read me that I feel I am SOMEONE in the blogosphere (thanks all like eight ten thousand of you that read me!) but because I would A.) really like to meet some of the women who’s blogs I am such a fan of and B.) I could say who I was, and NO ONE there would know me.  Do you think some would act as though they do, just to have something to say or to make me feel better?  I would definitely have THE smallest blog there.  Some of the workshops sound really great, too. Sigh…

– Why is it called a laptop?  I mean it really is not comfortable to put it on you lap and use it.  They get HOT. I mean so do I, but we won’t go there… the battery only lasts like two hours, and unless you have wireless and a hot spot that covers  your whole house then you are S.O.L.  I used to have these fantasies of typing away in bed next to my hubby as he is watching tv in bed.  You know- like you see on the commercials or whatever.  Now I see how impractical that is- I tried it.  Okay, so I was in bed with Hali watching Rugrats Gone Wild, but you get my point.


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  1. Hey, Charli.I didn’t see an email link, but I wanted to tell you how MUCH your comment on my blog meant to me. I understand your situation COMPLETELY. Send me an email and we’ll talk.

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