Halitalk, Hali-isms, and just plain oddities

August 2, 2006 at 9:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

   I have posted about this language before- the tongue I have termed Halitalk.  This language is made up of several components: clearly understandable (even to a non-toddler raising stranger) english words, partially understandable (if you really consentrate and squint your face just so while listening closely) english words, ??? words (there is no interpreter available to tell us what these sounds mean, as no one actually knows the language either) that may or may not be english, the occasional spanish word (which really keeps me on my toes, as I often really have to think for a minute to realize what it is that word means), screams, grunts, squeels, hand motions (not american sign language- again, no interpreter)

   I am the most reliable interpreter of this language, but alas- sometimes my skills are lacking and I just have to shake my head and tell Jeremy “I have NO idea”.  Jeremy could be a more proficient interpreter if he wanted to, but he finds it easier to ask me rather than hurt his poor little brain thinking about it for a few seconds.  

   My new favorite Halitalk phrases is “make a hug”.  When she wants a hug or knows that Mom or Dad want a hug, she says “make a hug?” and then puts her arms around your neck.  I mean, I hate to exceedingly brag here (ok, not really- I love to brag it up) but how cute is that?  

   She thinks that her Dora the Explorer vitamins are candy.  She loves them. I love that she loves them.  It’s win-win.  Most doctors say that toddlers should be getting their nutrients/vitamins/minerals/whatever from food and should not need vitamins, but I like to just make sure she is getting what she needs.  She is a big fruit lover (yes, I realize what that sounds like) and loves her milk.  She doesn’t shy away from veggies, either.  Yes, I am lucky- for the time being that is… but she does do that picky thing most kids do, where she won’t eat forever, and then when she does it is something odd.  Occasionaly. So do I.  Gee, and I wonder where she picks up her habits.  I have tried to blame all the bad ones on Jeremy, but I know they aren’t ALL him- just like you know, 99% of them… *cough* ya, that’s it!

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