What’s big, pink, and furry but not at all cute?

August 3, 2006 at 7:42 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Hali and I set to making our “pigs” beautiful a couple weekends ago, and the hubs came in.  He really must miss painting cars, because he took one look at our pink polish with pearl and wanted his done to.  He agreed to a photograph and I have obtained his permission to post said pic here:


This is sooo HOT! I mean who doesn’t want to see hairy toes with polish on them? Exactly.  My husband has allowed me to paint his toes twice.  The other time was when I was pregnant and I wanted him to paint mine.  He sucked at it.  He has painted tons of cars.  That is what he has done for a living for several years. 

But paint my toes, he could not.  Or would not.  So we compromised by letting me paint his.  Last time it was in the winter, so no one saw it.  This time around, it was July.  He wore flip flops over to a buddy’s shop and forgot to take the polish off.   It was great.  He splashed some reducer on his toes and took care of it, but not before a little embarrassment.  Too bad we stopped there first instead of getting his hair cut…


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  1. That is hilarious.What a guy!!!

  2. That is adorable! I want a guy that does that lol. Tell him letting his wife paint his toenails is what makes him a man…scratch that…a hero

  3. Heh. I couldn’t help adding a hidden comment on to my blog for you (Since you were so brave about stating your attention need. GRIN)

  4. I passed the comments along to him, and he says he likes you guys. I had to leave the room quickly, his head was expanding rapidly and I was running out of air.

  5. That is too funny and kudos to him for letting you post pictures. 🙂 I also want to thank you for commenting on one of my DotMoms articles. It is always greatly appreciated. Off to read more!

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