Charli, EXPOSED!

August 9, 2006 at 7:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

   So now you know what I look like.  Except that’s not my face.  Or my body.  But I am pale and blond…

   Okay, so it’s just a virtual representation of me.  Kind of.  I found this cool site where you can type in your measurements and then it will give you a model of what your body approximately looks like.  It is supposed to be for helping you track weight loss and/or try on clothes online.  

   This is great and all, but… ya, there’s a big butt here (pun intended) it really isn’t accurate.  I mean it gives a good idea, and before you go all “you have a distorted body image” on me, let me just ask you to take a close look.  Do you see those hard earned stretch marks from pregnancy that virtually cover my body?  Do you see a shred of cottage cheese/ CELLULITE?!  Do you see any varicose veins?  Do you see the slackness in her jowl, breasts, butt, stomach, and arms?  

   I mean come on!  That chick up there looks much better!  Sure, she needs to lose a little weight, but she isn’t too disgusting looking in her underwear, right?  Wait, that’s supposed to be me!  My gut would be hanging OVER those tight black underwear.  Either that or my gut would be squished inside them, protruding as if I was trying to hide a spare tire in them.  My huge, friendly arms (they wave back) are larger than that.  And my thighs are sooo fatter than that. 

   So you may be asking yourself why I don’t get off my butt and DO something about my size.  Well, that’s coming soon.  I will be sharing.  It will be A Serious Post, but it is time.



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  1. I hear ya, sister! I’m 45 lbs. overweight and my model looked HOT!If my body looked like hers I would give up on this endless quest of weight loss! It’s just to get us to do some shopping and spend some money.They want us to think that we look that hot! SIGH!

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