Why People Don’t Like Us

September 9, 2006 at 4:25 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I have blogged about my fabulous neighbors a few times in the past.  Hard to believe that they have only been my neighbors for just under six months isn’t it? Not if you’re me, it’s not.  The situation is drawing to an end soon, because our lease is up on the 30th of this month! YAY!  You have NO idea how happy I am to be getting the heck out of here!  Not only that, but the house that we are moving in to is SOOOO GREAT!!!  And just in time for it to begin to cool off somewhat- not that it’s cool now (unless 95 degrees is cool to you) but we here in Texas usually get a few days where it doesn’t get into the bajillions by October.  Which is three freakin’ weeks away, people!  Time to start planning Halloween costumes.  Time to dig out those fall decorations.  Fall is my favorite season.  Most people don’t pick fall as their favorite, but it is mine.  It’s pretty.  There is a certain feeling about it that I can’t describe, yet I love.

I am getting off topic here.  What I wanted to say was that our neighbors suck a big one.  Last week, we actually had one of the people that live downstairs (there are way too many people in their two bedroom apartment, but they are one of those Louisiana transplants that don’t seem to have a job amongst them) come and knock on our door at 9:15 at night (yes, I checked my clock) to ask if we were, and I quote “playing baseball” and asked us to keep it down.  Yes, well, you know- Hali and all of her 35 pounds was walking across her bedroom.  Now, I realize that she runs, jumps, and walks heavily- she is a toddler and she wears shoes all the time (she has a shoe fetish- it’s hereditary).  But she is a TODDLER!  She sleeps for freaking 12 hours!  She has, like, a bed time and stuff.  She is rarely up later than 10, and she is rarely up before 8.  Hello?! 

And I am sorry, but we can hear those loud women yelling at each other when we are in our bathroom (the fart fans carry their voices, I think) late at night.  Do they honestly think the kids sleep through that, but not Hali running across our apartment?  Not to mention that they HAVE actually kept us awake at night with their parking lot get togethers!  Whenever they see us they will actually turn and walk the other way, look away, or go back inside instead of exchanging polite “hellos” with us.  So now, I just blurt out a loud “HI!” to who ever happens to be down there- just to spite them.  It makes me smile. 

I have yet to mention our new neighbors, who we have come to hate as well.  There are a couple of guys, probably in their twenties (uh, hello, so am I) that live in the apartment next to us.  Their master bedroom probably butts up to our master bedroom.  Well, a couple weeks ago, they started to play some kind of music or something super loud.  It had to have been from something right up against the wall, and full volume, because you could put your hand on the wall and feel the vibrations.  They did this all night long.  For a week.  So finally, my husband went over and knocked.  They wouldn’t answer.  We are guessing they were stoned- seriously. 

So the next night I went over.  I asked the lady below them, just to make sure it wasn’t her.  It wasn’t.  It HAD to be them.  So I knocked on their door.  This guy comes to the door, and I ask as politely as I could, “if it was possible that their stereo or t.v. was up kind of loud?”  He looks at me funny and says “no- I’m the only one awake here- everyone else is asleep.” Huh.  Stumped, I walk back to our apartment and listen.  Sure enough, the noise is still there.  So hubs gets- actually gets out- a glass.  Pressing it to the walls, he determines that it HAS to be coming from their apartment.  So he goes back over there, knocks, and THEY DON’T ANSWER!  Unless you count them standing by the door and telling him to get away from there.  So guess who got to call management the next day?! Yup.  They noise is always off my 8 or 9 now.  Turns out we weren’t the only people to call and complain that day. 

More about the new house later.

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  1. Ok, this is weird. I didn’t recieve email notification for these last two posts. I came over to kick your a** for not posting to see that you had. Can you put in an RSS feed line so that I can subscribe to you and read it through bloglines??????It says you don’t have a feed to link to.

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