We Aren’t As Antisocial Anymore! Yes, that would be AAAA.

September 14, 2006 at 7:44 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

this post?  Well guess who has done a COMPLETE one-eighty?!  That is correct: Hali has.  She now loves story time.  She is THE LOUDEST, most enthusiastic one there.  She repeats what the librarian says, shows off what she knows when asked a question, and is just plain, well, fun!  I think I may have my very own Hermione Granger on my hands!  I couldn’t be happier. 

She still gets freaked out when other kids start yelling and getting all up in her face (WTF?!) but so would I!  Why these toddlers seem to think it’s a good idea to start making weird grunts/screams, spewing them right in her face, and standing so close to Hali that they are actually standing ON her, I don’t know!  I mean, Hali has been known to get right in her mom or dad’s face and talk excitedly, but that’s usually to get our attention.  Huh. I just smile and laugh to myself and tell her “it’s okay, they just want to play and talk to you!”  Toddlers are weird.

Could you imagine it if toddlers were adults?  We would be a world of mental institutions.  Think about it.  They poop their pants.  They scream and have tantrums and fits for the littlest things- some times no reason at all (that you can think of, any ways).  They talk and babble to themselves.  They are severely lacking in the hygiene department.  You’ve seen a toddler eat, right?  They don’t want their hair brushed.  They don’t want their butt wiped.  They sleep for 12+ hours a day (thank goodness).  They will only eat things that are orange one day, and then things that are round the next.  Severe OCD, people!

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