My Week In Bullets:

September 26, 2006 at 5:37 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

              *Edit at bottom                                       

  • Hali and I got sick the middle of last week- some nasty cold thingy that left us cranky, full of sinus pressure, and unable to breath through our noses.  We are almost better.


  • We got sick from some little girl in nursery at our church whose mom apparently thought she was well enough to go to nursery, nevermind that she was contagious and kept stealing a toy from my daughter and then wiping her snot all over said toy.  I mean this little girl had snot running like a river from her nose and dark circles under her eyes.  It was obvious she was not well.  But the mom just dropped her off so that she could go gossip with her friends, no doubt (see- like how mean and defensive I can get?).


  • We are moving THIS WEEKEND!!! Yay!  I have sooo much to do that you probably won’t be hearing from me for another week or so.  I can NOT wait!*


  • I am meeting the realtor to go over the rest of the paperwork, give her a couple checks (poor hubby- he hates to have to let go of money) and go over what still needs to be done to the house.  We are meeting her at the house on Thursday, and I haven’t seen it in a while so I am very excited.


  • I have yet another car, a Chevy Malibu.  I gave up my last car so that Jeremy could have some money to use to buy and sell a couple cars to make some money off of.  Unfortunately, the auction we bought it off of lied.  A lot.  It is NOT in the kind of condition they led us to believe it was.  Someone got battery acid all over the interior and it ate it away.  The AC did NOT work, and it needed a fuel pump.  AC is now fixed, but we still need to put a pump in- probably tonight or tomorrow.


  • The other reason he needed the money is his shop should also be finished in a few days!  He is still planning on working part time for his dad, but he just wants to own his own business again, so now he has one!  So if you live in south east Texas and need some work done on your car, just comment here!


  • I was THIS close to having Hali completely off the bottle.  Then, last night, she was feeling better and wanted one.  She DEMANDED one repeatedly.  So I caved.  We’ll see how tonight goes.  No luck on the potty training front- she just really does not want to.  Hey, at least she doesn’t suck her fingers anymore!*


  • It’s actually kind of nice here in the mornings and late evening.  It’s not “sweat-your-butt-off” hot all day now, just from about 1 or 2 until about 7.  It actually is beginning to feel like fall just a little bit.  I may even put my fall decor out next week after we move.

***** EDIT: The move has been put off a week- the house isn’t quite ready enough.
 Hali went to sleep without a bottle last night, albiet about an hour after I would have ideally wanted her to.


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