No, really, I decided this time- it’s not just me talking…

September 29, 2006 at 3:17 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

I don’t have a degree.  I have about 15 credits.  That’s it.  Before I had Hali I worked for a few mortgage companies.  I started working as a secretary/personal assistance (who put the ass in assistant, btw)/receptionist my senior year of high school.  Prior to that I worked in a small local Italian restaurant that was my first job.  I tried just about every job in the mortgage business, but honesty, the only one that any company ever wanted me to do was secretary/receptionist.  Some people have a hard time believing that a twenty year old knows what she is talking about. 

Wife/housewife/student/assistant just became too much for me when I started to have health problems and marriage problems.  So I quit school.  Looking back, it is a good thing, as I would have just wasted even more money on tuition for classes I would have failed.  I just could not bring myself to focus on school, because honestly, it wasn’t as important as the other things that I was going through that required my attention.  Like me.  And my husband, but mainly me.  So I did.  Sure, a few months later I had a job again, but I did not start school again. 

Now, nearly four years later, I feel like I am beginning to have some direction in life.  I have all these things that I want to do!  I want to go back to school and finish a degree.  I want to start working again.  I want to have FUN! So I started to make all these plans in my head.  Then, I realized that I can’t do all these things at the same time, and that there has to be some kind of an order to them, so that they are possible.  One thing at a time. 

And here I am.  Same Charli.  Here.  Blogging.  Being a Mom.  Hali’s won’t be three for three more months.  I have to wait.  Hali deserved my time now.  She’ll be starting school soon enough.  Until then, I will be at home for her.  I will be at home for my husband.  I will be at home for me.  Because, honestly, if I wasn’t here, at home, doing my best at being a mom, I don’t think I would be happy with myself.  I have to grow a kid up.  Then I can worry about what to do when I grow up.


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  1. “What to do when I grow up.” Man, can I relate to that one…

  2. Grr. I can’t add this site to my feed reader and the email updates have stopped coming. Plus, my stupid blogrolling isn’t even updating. I wonder if I broke the internet. I am adding you on as a bookmark to see if that fixes it. Anyway…I relate to this post A LOT.I have FOUR HUNDERED (well, 398 precicely) credits and NO DAMN DEGREE. Talk about frustration.I’m pissed off about it, actually. One day I will go back, but until then? EH.

  3. Sorry the feeds and notifications aren’t happening for you- I can try and add you myself. I set it up so I get one just like everyone else, and I get mine right away- like before the page telling me its published has even finished loading, its in my inbox! Hmmmm… I’ll check it out.

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