Hali is 2 and 3/4 years old

October 5, 2006 at 4:11 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

You know how you hear about those moms who had the fore site to document EVERYTHING about their children?  Sounds really nice.  In theory.  So here is my version.  Yes, I do a little scrapbooking, but that’s just not really all that personal enough, you know?  So every month, I will write a little letter here, for Hali.  Here’s the first (albeit a little late):


You are nearly three now.  You are a VERY….exuberant girl.  I wanted to say baby there, but I didn’t.  You are, and always will be our baby.  But you are a girl- there is no doubt about it.  You love girly things, and I couldn’t be more happy about it.  I have always wanted a girly girl to have fun with.  And we do have fun together. 

Your love of all things accessory is astounding.  You are never more happy than you are when you are wearing only a diaper to cover you, accompanied by a purse, shoes, and jewelry of some sort.  With sippy cup in hand, you are ready for the day.  Before you have even rubbed the sleep from your eyes, you are searching for a favorite pair of shoes.  You wear shoes all the time- you would wear them in the bath tub if I let you. 

Mothers all love to brag about how smart their children are.  You truly are amazing.  You could count to ten in English and Spanish before your second birthday.  You just recently learned all your phonics and can tell me what sound any letter of the alphabet makes.  You can quote dozens of lines from your favorite movies. 

You are a shopaholic at only two years old.  If we are not gone shopping long enough, you insist we drive around some more.  Pulling into Walmart or Target or HEB or really any store warrants a smile and exuberant exclamations of glee.  After two years of a stroller stand off, you have decided that going for a walk every week day morning with mom is something not to be missed.  You can operate the mouse on the computer now- true child of the twenty-first century that you are. 

Hali Monster, Mama Monster loves you.


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  1. I’m writing to make sure you didn’t get trampled and die by a Texas Longhorn or something! 😀

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