Our new house, Redbox, the neighbors, and men who love big women

October 21, 2006 at 2:54 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I am moved in finally! YAY!!!  It has been a rough week, but I am in my new house, finally.  Sorry about the lack of posting and/or quality posts here, I will pick things up as we settle in.  I may even post a few pics of the new digs!

Right now, I am sucking down a milkshake and about to go watch Click- I rented it from Redbox.  Man, I love Redbox.  No, I am not being paid, I just like to pass on good things.  They are located at certain McDs- just put in your area code to see if there is one near you on their site.  It’s a DOLLAR a movie per night.  You don’t have to have a membership.  SWEET! 

So how long do I give the neighbors to come over and introduce themselves before I judge them for being unfriendly?  Or am I supposed to go introduce myself?  Do I bring cookies?  Some help here, please.  What is the proper ettiqute here?  What do I do to break the ice?  Advice would be good.  A couple houses on this little cul-de-sac seem to have youngish children there, but no toddlers or preschoolers seem to have been detected. 

I am hoping for some introductions this weekend as we are outside doing a few “just moving in” type of things.  I have noticed people noticing us, though.  So this could be good.  Or maybe there are just a lot of middle age men who were hoping that I was a hottie.  Sorry to disappoint, guys.  Unless they go for the “bigger” women (ok, I am not THAT big, but still) and I know there are some out there who do. And, yes, I realize that is all very mimi smarptypants, but I had to have some fun. 


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  1. Yay, you’re in! I am so not the person to give advice on neighbors. I hate knowing my neighbors and my idea of a “Good” neighbor is one who waves to me without flipping me off as they go inside with their groceries!

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