Nursery- aka A Breeding Ground for Germs

October 30, 2006 at 4:51 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Taking advantage of daylight savings, we made it up for church this morning without too much of a problem.  And we were still only five minutes late.  After arriving late, there were no seats, so we parked it out in the foyer.  The next hour, I brought Hali into nursery. 

I should have known better.  The last time we took her, it was not good.  This morning, we walked in, parked it in front of a puzzle and exchanged pleasantries with the other moms.  Before we even had time to actually start putting the puzzle together, this little capsule of nasty cold germs girl, about three years old, walks in.  And coughs.  A lot. So the “leader” in charge of the nursery, tells her to cover her mouth with her hand when she coughs.  So the little girl states the obvious and tells her that she is sick, and that her mom did not take her to the doctor.

WTF?  First of all, you DO NOT bring sick children to nursery.  What was the mom thinking? Oh, that’s right she wasn’t. Or maybe she just doesn’t care. Or maybe  “I am so sick of dealing with my bratty child that I don’t care that she will get all the other kids sick, I just have to have a couple hours away from her for free”.  I wanted to hunt the mom down, lick my hand, shake her hand, and tell her

“Congratulations! You have just won the opportunity for (1) all the other moms to hate you when I tell them they may want to come and get their child from nursery b/c there is a sick kid there infecting their kids, (2) the opportunity to come and clean my house and cook while I take care of my sick child in the next few days, and (3) pay for a doctors visit and prescriptions!  What are you gonna do next?  Disney World? No? Lick all the hymnals so we ALL get sick for sure?  Sounds about right!”

Alright, so I understand that the hubs and I may be slight germaphobes, but SERIOUSLY!  Have some consideration! 

Oh, I feel so much better now.  I left immediately, giving the leader the eye as I left.  Then, we went to find hubby.  I headed to the foyer and ran into one of the moms I know that had just dropped off her little girl in nursery.  When she asked Hali why she didn’t want to stay in nursery, I told her that I pulled her out, and gave her the whole story.  Which another mom I know overheard. 

I left right after, but I sure hope they pulled their kids out and had a talk with the leader.  I just wanted to get the heck out of there.  That, and I was just too upset to say anything just then.  I will be talking with her next week.  I will personally make the fliers and give them to all the parents that say ” DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD TO NURSERY IF THEY ARE SICK OR HAVE BEEN IN THE PAST TWO OR THREE DAYS!” 

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