NaBloPoMo, or Blo, MO!!!

November 1, 2006 at 4:13 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

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Guess who is going to be blogging EVERY FREAKING DAY THIS MONTH?!?!?! Yep.  Yours truly.  And I pinky swear they won’t all be poorly written.  It just depends on whether you judge lots of “lols, rotflmfaos, heehees, uhhs, umms, soooos, totallys, etc. to be bad writing or not.  But I will be putting forth the effort.  Some what.  I think one post a day is all I can manage, but I will try my best. 

Oh, little blog, don’t decide to be a b%$#@! to me this week, while I am doing this!  You are such a good little bloggy!  Yes, you are!  I had this big entry nearly done about how Jeremy and I got engaged just over five years ago, and then my laptop decided, once again, to shut down the internet.  Oh, it was all my fault- I clicked twice within one second, first left click, then a right click.  That is the secret mouse to laptop code for “shut down the internet, quick- this entry is getting good- she is soooo ON this morning!”.


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  1. You can do it, Charli!!!! Good hell, I think that there should be a “ONLY post ONCE a day” month for Loralee. I would fail miserably.

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