Halloween 2006

November 3, 2006 at 1:05 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment


Hali made an adorable Dora the Explorer for Halloween this year. 

Hardly any family even bothered to ask what she would be dressing up as- if you know Hali, you know that there was never any question.  Sure, the girly part of me really wanted to dress her up as a beautiful fairy or princess or something of that nature, but I had to let her be what she wanted.  Dora is her idol.  She is somewhat obsessed with her.  She has the sheets, pillows, fleece blanket, clothes, shoes (they are hideous and I only let her wear them around the house), several dolls, dvds, jewelry, puppet theater, bowl, cups, toothbrush, books, etc.  I really don’t consider licensed character products to be very tasteful or classy, but it sure makes The Boss happy, so there you have it.  

We actually fought the mosquitoes and took her trick or treating to several houses in our neighborhood.  She LOVED it!  She had to be prompted over and over to say ‘trick or treat’, but she usually remembered to say thank you and happy halloween or bye or mmmm… candy!!! all by herself.  

I wanted to at least give the illusion of being a good mom who cares about her child’s health, so I made her eat a few bites of mac n cheese.  Not that mac n cheese is healthy, but I needed something very fast, and she almost always eats it.  I got her to take a few bites and drink some grape juice.  Then the doorbell rang.  It was trick or treaters.  She got so excited and worked up about wanting to go trick or treating herself, that she threw up purple and yellow mac n cheese.  Too much information? Sorry.

So we cleaned her up, put her yarn wig on her, handed her bucket, grabbed the flashlight and took off.  There was one other house on our entire cul-de-sac that was home and handing out candy. I know there were other people home, but their porch lights were off, signaling that they are party poopers and don’t enjoy celebrating the day of the dead, monsters, costumes, fun, frivolity, candy and future cavities just waiting to happen.

So we headed a few streets over where at least half of the houses were very festively decked out for Halloween.  THAT was were the fun was.  Moms left and right were pointing out “Dora” to their toddlers and preschoolers.  Hali was so happy.  Soon she picked up on it, and began pointing out other kids costumes.  One kid was a confederate soldier.  Only in the south, folks.  Even the little Hispanic (?) kids were all ” Explora Dora!”.  So amidst the mom’s cramming themselves into “sexy” costumes that they should NOT have tried the far side of the 150-200 pound range, Hali managed to get only a few bug bites.  Did I mention that she didn’t even need a sweater and that I was wearing capris?

The only mar to our little holiday was that the in-laws had nothing to do for Halloween so they decided to invite themselves over.  They behaved themselves, as did I, even when they stayed until nine, and left only then because we just let Hali scream and then gave her a bath.  A couple hours later, we had a bath…



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  1. Hmmm…It was really cold here on Halloween, but I think mosquitos would be much WORSE. She’s an adorable Dora and I’m glad the inlaws behaved.

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