Another Story of About The Library

November 11, 2006 at 4:25 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

First of all, what you have to understand, is that I have no life. Our weekly trips to the library for story time and  Walmart for groceries are a big deal for Hali and I.  Like I said- no life.

So yesterday, when we were at the library, sitting there and enjoying our story time, full of fun stories and crafts centered on this week’s theme of food, I found myself judging.  This is something I do.  I know I shouldn’t.  I try to stop myself.  But, I am an imperfect mortal, and seem unable to completely stop myself.

Right in the middle of a cute little book, being read by the even cutesier children’s librarian, a mother stormed up to the front and laid into her little girls behind.  I am not totally sure what her offense was- I think it had something to do with her purposely spilling a handful of animal crackers on the floor.  Loudly, in the middle of the story (even the librarian paused a moment- I think she was a little shocked as well) this mother reprimanded her child then very harshly spanked her bottom.  Repeatedly.

Now I understand that we all have our parenting techniques.  Heck, Jeremy and I have tried the spanking thing and will use it on occasion.  Normally, if Dad is home, all Hali needs is for me to sadly look at her and ask her if I should have Dad come give her a spanking.  She shapes up.  Maybe I was embarrassed myself.  But for whom?  The little girl or the mother?  Why was I sitting here thinking about this?

Then I saw the girl do as she was told, and thought, well, I guess that is what works for them.  I reprimanded myself for judging, and thought about my own parenting. 

I looked down at my beautiful daughter’s beaming face, and thought.  This is the reward for parenting.  To see the joy on our children’s faces as they experience the fun of something that we have taught them is fun.  It’s magic- for both of us.  I hate to see that time taken away or disturbed in any way.  That’s why I was so upset for the mother interrupting and intruding on our magic to discipline.  It broke this trance that we were both in.  We were both caught up in the story.  I was caught up in watching Hali’s face as she was so clearly enjoying herself. 

We must be a sight, the two of us at the library every week.  Huge, cheesy grins plastered on our faces.  Arms full of books.  We are such nerds.  Being a nerd is great.  Admitting to yourself that you are a nerd is so freeing. 


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