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Hi- uh, my name is Charli Stout.  I blog here.  This is my blog (and the award for stating the obvious goes to…).  Google my name, and Mom and Me is first on the list.  I do it for the fame and notoriety, ya know.  It occurred to me after reading Loralee’s recent entry that it may not be clear how to say my name.  Ya, that’s right, you like that?! Say my name! Oohhh, sorry, still some remnants of my last entry hanging around…  I’ll behave now. 

My name is actually pronounced Charlie- like you know, the guys’ name?  Charli is not in any name books, not spelled how I spell it, but if you look up Charlie you will see that it means “manly”.  Yes, that’s right, my name means that I am a manly mannish…. uh… woman?  Can you believe it?  Seeing as I have yet to post much of picture of myself, for all you know it could be very fitting. 

I could be what I sound like: a

unibrowed (well, yes, but the wax and tweezers usually keep it under control),
fat (I am pleasantly plump, thank you very much!),
hairy ( ok, so ya, I have hair growing out of weird places, but I shave- I SWEAR!),
sweaty (uh, well, not if it’s cooler than eighty and I am not exerting myself or nervous or stressed),
crude (WTF! You b&%$#! I am so f%$#&*#! NOT!  I have manners coming out my a$$!)  

Crap!  Now you all think I am hideous.  Well, here’s a picture- this should clear things up:

                                                   <IMG style=”WIDTH: 192px; HEIGHT: 174px” height=244 src=”/images/21876-20889/ugly_guyshead.jpg” width=192>

Okay, okay, I know- very lame.  But now, even if I post the worst picture I have of me, you will all think that I am a total hottie. And a babe.
                                                <IMG src=”/images/21876-20889/HPIM0221_USE.JPG”>
This is the picture that I have on my, well, here I go, admitting another embarrassing thing, but on my myspace profile.  I think this was taken in June.  What’s that you say?  You can’t see my summer Texas tan either?  After I ran into a friend from high school, she told me to go to the site and I would see a lot of old friends.  I am a horrible, anti-social person, so I hadn’t kept in touch with anyone.  So I did it.  I am glad, even if it does seem lame and juvenile.  I got to catch up with old pals. 

I heart this picture, because it does not show my double chin, my hair is actually done (other than a ponytail) and I sooo do not look like  I weigh somewhere in the lighter side of 1?? pounds.  Everyone from high school who sees it says I haven’t changed.  Everyone who sees me in person, apparently thinks that I am older than my husband, who in fact is three years older than me and turns 27 tomorrow.  My husband loves to remind me of those three times when someone he was talking to assumed I was older.  He really knows how to build a girl’s ego and flatter her.  Of course, he usually follows this up by telling me that it’s only ’cause I’m fat- that usually makes women seem older.  Oh, my Prince Charming.  I am falling in love with you all over again as I am writing this.

Ok, back to what’s important here- me.  There also is apparently an artist by the name of Charli Stout.  He or she is between 55 and 99 and is in the Springfield area.  That is all I could find.  There are a few other Charli’s, but not many. 

So now you know.  Sort of.


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