I Don’t Have Gas

November 17, 2006 at 4:31 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I don’t have gas.  And this is not a good thing.  We have no natural gas.  Our hot water heater, heater/ac, and stove/oven all use gas.  So it is actually going to be a cold night (of course this would happen on one of the ten cold days we have had this year).  Also, I got to re use Hali’s luke warm bath water to quickly bath in.  Great. 

Apparently, when we called to have the gas switched over into our name from the owners, it didn’t take.  What happened when Jeremy called a few weeks ago, was that we would have to go without gas for a few days if we wanted to go ahead and have it set up in our name first off.  But, if we just had it turned on for a few days in the owner’s name (he had it turned on once, and had an account set up at the gas company already) and then they could switch it over into our name with no interruption in service.  That would have worked out well.  Except that they forgot to switch it over to our names and it got shut off today- that’s all the owner had stipulated for.  So I am sure that he is not happy either, seeing as he has just gotten to pay for our gas the past month.  This has all been very fun.

Just a moment ago, when Jeremy walked in to the office and asked me if I was blogging.

ME:        Yes, I have to every day this month, it’s nablopomo.

HIM:      Uh, okay.  So what happens if you don’t?

ME:        Well, you have to live with the disappointment in yourself, I guess. 

HIM:      So… why are you doing this noblo thing?

ME:        It’s for the children, Jeremy.  Children with cancer.

HIM:      Ohhhh!

ME:       (trying to hide my smirk)

HIM:      You’re not for real, are you.

ME:         Nope.

HIM:      silently leaves room, probably thinking “what an odd, sadistic, crazy person I have married” for like, the umpteenth time… today

What really just went on here:

HIM:   So, why aren’t you falling all over yourself to shower your love and affection on me now that Hali is asleep and I am not.  Why aren’t you trying desperately to get me to talk to you to no avail?

ME:   I have given up, do not want to talk about it and have moved on to better things that I do not want to be interrupted from now.

HIM:   Aren’t I more important to you that your blog?

ME:     Sure.  Where else would I be able to find an endless supply of blog fodder over which we women can cackle about how pathetic and stupid men are?

HIM:   ???????? Say what with the what in the what?

ME:      I love you honey, now go to bed like you were about to anyways.

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