One Year of Blogging

November 17, 2006 at 11:02 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Random person that I can be, I decided to have a few odd lists of posts that I have done in the past year of blogging.  They are not great.  They are not well writtenm or even all that cognetive for that matter.  But, they are basically me at my worst.  So if you can stick with me through these, then I consider you a friend, because you have seem me at (nearly) my worst. Happy One Year Blogging to me!

 Too Much Information:

Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go Right Now

Reasons Why I Am Gross

Get Off Your Soapbox!:

I Hate Forwards That Lie

Bookmarks, Yet Another Addiction


Good Morting!

You sure you’re not just a little bit crazy?:

The Voices In My Head Won’t Be Quiet

Why I Am The Epitamy Of Style, Class, and Sophistication

Charli’s Ponderings On The Universe #1

Addictive Personality?

Random Thoughts, Part Two


Guess Who’s A B&^%#?!

Why People Don’t Like Us

Nursery, aka A Breeding Ground For Germs


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  1. I personally love the bit about you licking the trifle bowl clean. TEE HEE

  2. Hey Charli – Happy Blogging First Birthday! Congratulations. I always say, blogging is cheaper than therapy, so just think how much money you’ve saved. Keep at it girl, best wishes

  3. I really dig your blog! Very interesting…..Happy one year!!! You know, some folks start something and get all excited and then let it go. Kind of like getting a new pet! But you have done a great job with your thoughts – really cool blog 🙂

  4. Aw, thanks! Yep- normally, I am one of those people who don’t really stick with something, and the great thing about blogging, is that you can give yourself a break whenever you want, you don’t have to do it everyday, you don’t HAVE to do anything! 

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