Hali’s First Picture of Mama

November 28, 2006 at 5:37 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

This is Hali’s first photograph of her mom.  She loves playing with the camera.  She actually got in something other than her face, tummy, or crotch* in- she got my lap as I was sitting on the floor playing blocks by myself with my daughter like a good mommy.  For some reason my jeans came out looking psycadellic (sp?).  And yes, those are sweat socks.  I wear them with everything.  See, I told you I am one classy gal! 

I tried to stretch the picture, thus making myself thinner, but I don’t think I could get it to work properly.  So I appear to have thighs that are so huge it doesn’t seem to be possible for me to actually be sitting “Indian style” (how racist is that anyways? Jeremy is 1/16 Cherokee, so I feel I can use the phrase without too much guilt, for some reason- as if my husband’s and daughter’s blood allows me to use racist phrases…).  SO only part of that statement is true, as obviously I am sitting in said style.  Which means my thighs must be what we shall call “thunder thighs”.  Doesn’t that just sound lovely?!  I mean who doesn’t want to relate their thighs to something that is loud and frightens children (and adults- who am I kidding)?!

* I was going to have a nice little linkage here to point out another entry where I featured her self portraits, but I just noticed that my archives are not so great. Apparently, most of the pictures aren’t there. I think this may be my fault- I deleted them, trying to clear away old pictures.  Also, the left side seems to hang over into the brownish/reddish/purple/maroon color that is the boarder.  Why is it that blogs can never behave?!

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  1. Arg. I hate how my archives look. ICK. Also, before I read your post I looked at the picture and thought “She saying she’s huge, but I don’t think she looks big”. So, I laughed when I saw the content! Have fun playing with..er..HELPING HALLI play with the blocks!

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