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I am a frugal woman, and as such, I usually get my hair cut twice a year.  I was up for a hair cut in October.  I have been putting it off.  I’d have to decide what I want, and then somehow get Jeremy to watch Hali, and I just didn’t want to.  It’s getting so bad, I cannot ignore it anymore.  

                                                                       <IMG style=”WIDTH: 144px; HEIGHT: 236px” height=1285 src=”/images/21876-20889/HPIM1009.JPG” width=253>

Keep in mind, that it is usually a little more straight.  Lately, however, it seems I am getting a little more natural wave.  I am not crazy about this.  If I showered in the morning and blew my hair dry, this wouldn’t be a problem, but I am an anti-hair dryer fanatic.  I HATE blow drying my hair.  It takes forever, and its not good for your hair.  So I let it dry over night.

Whats more, is I trimmed my bangs a few days ago, and cut them a little too short.  I normally do a decent job.  I like to keep all of my bangs brushed over to one side.  However, lately, they just don’t want to stay, because they are so short. 

I have been thinking about going pretty “shaggy” and having more bangs cut, but I really don’t think that would suit my face.  Five years ago, I could have pulled it off, but 55 pounds later, I am thinking NO.  My last couple of hair cuts were satisfactory.  Lots of layers, starting around my cheekbones.  I will more than likely do more of the same. 

At this point- general disrepair, really, there is really nothing to be done for it- it’s just too long and the ends look so sad.  It’s also highlight time again- I have been putting blond highlights in my ever-darkening blond hair since I was fourteen.  And by “I”, I mean me, or my mom, or my husband helping me with the back.  Again- I am cheap. I have had it “professionally done” once- for free by a friend. Yep.

The only thing that looks good right now is curly/wavy done with my hot rollers, but it never stays, as my hair is very fine and long and thick and HEAVY.  I think it would work better if it was a bit shorter (just like four inches off). As it is, my mane is past my bra- about half way down my back.  This curly hair style, while I like it, I also fear that it resembles Goldilocks too much and my husband is just being nice by not mentioning it. This picture was taken a few weeks ago before I cut the bangs too short, but you get the idea.

                                                            <IMG style=”WIDTH: 178px; HEIGHT: 245px” height=2469 src=”/images/21876-20889/HPIM0838.JPG” width=1449>

I have contemplated going darker, but the hubs insists that he married a blond, and wants to stay married to a blond.  I too, would like to stay married.  I am too fair to go dark, anyways.  And too lazy to go too far from my original color and the upkeep it would take.  Also, I can’t do anything that involves use of “product” because, again, I am too lazy.  I like my hair to feel like hair.

Any suggestions?  I plan on going in next weekend for a cut.  I think just about all my favorite bloggers have done this too, and have gotten lots of suggestions.  Of course, all 3 of my readers don’t really compare to their bazillion readers, but still…..

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