Christmas Crafts

January 6, 2007 at 5:12 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

The couple weeks before Christmas, I decided to get crafty with Hali.  We made many things of that good ol’ standby, construction paper. I will eventually post them.  But first, I wanted to post the craft that Jeremy did with Hali. 

Originally, I figured on them making one cute little reindeer for
Hali, from her foot.  However, Jeremy, great father that he is, took it
one step further.  He made a reindeer family.  I believe who’s who is
pretty self explanatory.

Jeremy helped Hali draw the face on hers.  He uh, creatively did his own face. Although, I think it’s a close one between what I like best- his accurate portrail of his goatee and stubble, or Hali’s mischievioius grin. And I had used up all my creativity on an earlier project, and had none left. 

That project was for Hali’s room. I had these frames sitting around since before she was born! I just kept meaning to do something with them and never did, until a couple weeks ago that is.  I used some white matting, some watercolors that Hali did and some foam cut outs.  It goes well with her room- very pink, girly, and princessy (I know, not a word). The only thing that’s missing is Dora.  But I was really glad to have come up with something using her own art work. And I just realized you can’t really see what I am talking about because of the glare from the flash. Ooopps.


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