The Sexy Sixth

January 6, 2007 at 5:33 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Sex. After kids.  Not two things that go together really well.  It’s not that my libido has dramatically decreased after having one, its not even that I have even less energy for it.  It’s that it is much more difficult to have what my husband and I fondly refer to as “nookie”.  In your own bed, that is.

Last year, we even upgraded to a king size.  Alas, many a time has found Hali fast asleep in her our enormous bed all alone as we attempt to find a more private area to partake in some nookie.  I realize that the fault lies mainly with me- I should have gotten her out of our bed long ago.  That doesn’t mean I can’t complain.

In our pursuit of a place to be alone, we have been minimally adventurous.  The futon, the couch, the floor in an empty room, the floor of the basement (yes, it does involve a little rug burn), but mainly Hali’s little twin size bed (poor girl- we really shouldn’t be doing the dirty on her pink Dora/Princess bedecked bed).  Yes, we have seen the irony in this- that we, two large adults ( Jeremy is 6’0, I am 5’7) cram ourselves into her minuscule bed while she stretches out luxuriously in our king size.

While these places don’t seem nearly as adventurous as we once were as newly weds, (*cough* the bathroom at his work, the back of our Explorer in the middle of no where…) we definitely find it to be a bit of an annoyance, and find as we are getting on in years- you know, now that Jeremy is the ripe old age of 27, we wish more and more for the roomy comfort and privacy of our own bed for our uh, horizontal dancing. I believe that is the only kind of dancing we have done for several years now…

While I don’t consider myself a “screamer” I have been known to get a little loud.  When you are in no hurry to wake your three year old up at eleven o’clock at night, this becomes a problem.  Quiet sex just isn’t all that great.  You have to whisper everything

So what ends up happening, is you have to be sneaky.  You have to hide and be quiet.  Like you’re doing something wrong.  While this does have the possibility to be a big turn on, it is most definitely not.  Really, we are just too lazy and enjoy our comforts too much for it to be so. 

Which is why I have been working hard to get Hali to sleep in her own bed.  This is going fairly well.  Unfortunately, this involves her bed being at the foot of our bed for a little while longer until she is sleeping a little more peacefully through the night.  So we are sleeping in our bed together.  But we are only doing just that- sleeping in our bed together.  Anything else involves dragging a blanket or two around the house.

So while none of this has been very “sexy” for the two of you that read it, I think it is something that most parents can find themselves relating to in some degree.  Also, if you live in my neighborhood, I apologize.  We try and keep everything covered up as we trapeze about the house, but if you are driving by, don’t look in any windows.  At all costs.  Avert your eyes.  Again- very sorry.

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  1. I have always had an iron clad rule: NO kids in our bed. EVER. Well, there have been a couple of times when they were very sick but that is IT. I knew I would never get them out if I didn’t!

  2. You are a stronger woman than I, Loralee. When she was just a few weeks old, I had her sleeping in her own crib, but when we went up to Idaho to visit when she was about 6 months old, she wouldn’t sleep in the crib my mom had borrowed, so we put her in with us, and that is where it started, really.

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