Christmas Cards

January 10, 2007 at 5:16 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Every year for the past uh, one or two years, I send out Christmas cards as does everyone else and their brother’s neighbor’s sister’s plumber.  Although, I must admit, it does seem to be a dying thing.  I know I am antisocial, but seriously! We got a card from my husband’s grandfather, and my mom.  That’s it.  I do have lots of relatives and some friends (that I don’t even keep in contact with anymore, but STILL!).  I remember getting a lot  more in the past.  Sort of like other things…

So I decided to get all crafty.  Hali and I make our own cards this year.  They definately look it.  I wanted to get a cute picture of all of us.  That didn’t happen- opening a new business takes a lot of time.  So I thought I would get a great shot of Hali and put it in with the cards.  So I shoved the Santa hat on her, and snapped away.  She did NOT want to wear the hat.  At all.  Can you tell?

Then, because it is made for a gigantic headed person ( like this guy I once dated… a guy I dated before that guy refered to him as “Head” it was so big) it kept falling off.  With a little help of course.  She was still not pleased.

So she jumped at the opportunity to throw it off her head.  With much enthusiasm.

Finally, after much begging, bribing, and cajoling, I was able to get a decent shot.

However, once I put it on the computer to upload it to Walgreens, I realized that (1) her face had food ALL over it, (2) she looks like she has a freakishly skinny neck (which most toddlers do) and people might assume that I don’t feed her, (3) her head looks huge (most toddlers are, proportionally speaking), and (4) it just really doesn’t look like my Hali.  So, I opted for this one instead, that I had taken a few weeks ago in the back yard.

So that is the back of the card. Here is the front that Hali helped me glue all the pieces onto and spray glitter on:

We (ok, I- I am really) are addicted to the spray glitter.  It went onto a lot of Christmas crafts this year. Can’t wait for Valentines- more crafts with glitter!!!

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