Happy Birthday To ME!!

January 25, 2007 at 3:39 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

So maybe it’s unlady like of me to mention this, but I think none of you are really fooled into believing that I am one anymore anyways.  Today was my birthday.  And because I like to rub it in people’s faces hate to lie, I will tell you that I am 24 today. It feels odd to type that in. 

Every year that gets added to my age feels like I just maybe am getting closer to being “a real adult”.  Not that I don’t feel like one- I do.  Married for over five years, mom to a three year old daughter, my husband and I have owned a few businesses, I have gone through two cancers, and all these things that have AGED me.  But I know there are older adults out there who still look at me as being “just a baby” or still a kid.  I guess compared to, say an 89 year old great-grandma (mine is!!! she is soooo awesome- the greatest woman in THE world), I am still a youngster.  I guess I don’t feel 24.  That’s what it is.  I really feel like I have lived a lot in my short years.  There are few other 24 year olds that I feel I am really able to relate to- be on the same level with. Most of my friends are several years older than me, but I don’t really look at them that way.

So today, on the day celebrating my birth, I won’t post pics of my adorable goofy face cheesing it up for the camera as drool runs down my chin. I won’t even post any baby pictures. Oh, wait. Ha.  But I will thank my fabulous mother for bringing me into the world.  I was super young when I became a mother, but I am still in awe of her having me even younger.  And I turned out DARN good, if I do say so myself!  She did such a good job with me and all my FIVE siblings.  And I really don’t think she had a clue- just figured it out as she went(not that we don’t ALL do that, but we have “authorities” on babies now).  I don’t think that there were a lot of books back then to help you out, either.  I think you just asked your mom or grandma. She is the type of woman that much of it comes naturally to.  She really thinks hard about all her parenting decisions.  I think that she has a good grasp of how to balance strictness with freedoms for her children. 

I think a good sign of a good parent is how the grown child(ren) feels about them.  Plus, it’s a good sign of maturity in that child.  Next to my husband, my mom is my best friend.  Perioid.  She is a role model, a “classy lady”, smarter than she knows, hands down the best cook/baker ever, unselfish, kind, fun to be around, scarily competitive, and HOT to boot.  Seriously, folks.  Put my mom and I next to each other, and tell a guy to pick one- he’ll pick her.  And as self depricating as she is, she will never ever agree with me on that. If more moms were like her, we would be set. So thanks, Mom, for all your hard work on my behalf. Thanks for not killing me when you really wanted to so that I could live to celebrate my 24th birthday.  Really, it’s YOU we should be celebrating today.  All I did was follow the light at the end of the tunnel 24 years ago.

Today was great. I didnt’ do much but read.  I was woken with a kiss and a bottle for Hali by my WONDERFUL husband.  He wished me a happy birthday and then went off to earn some money for mama.  Gotta love him.  I let Hali watch Dora for hours.  She was thrilled. I felt only slightly guilty, but the excuse that “its my birthday and I only get one a year, so I can do what I want” seemed to ease my consious somewhat. Don’t get me wrong- we played and cuddled and tickled and rocked and danced and practiced our phonics.  We just didn’t do as much as we usually do.  I relaxed.  A lot. I made a fire and curled up by it with a cheap romance novel. Yum.

Then I dolled myself up and waited for my hubby to take me out.  We dropped off The Boss at the in-laws(read: snuck out the door while she was upstairs) and headed to the closest resturant.  Applebee’s. I know, I know, not exactly anything to brag about, but we have not been on a date in almost exactly one year, people! The last time we went out was the end of last February, before we moved back to Texas. Yep. So you see, Taco Bell would have made me happy.  The added benefit of eatting at Applebee’s was that Kirkland’s  is right next to it! Yay! I LOVE Kirkland’s, people! I got a huge clock.  I even got them to knock off 25% because both of the two that were left were slightly scratched!  You know I will be posting a pic as soon as my husband hangs it for me, which will require a latter.

We went back to get Hali from the in-laws (Jeremy’s sister babysat for us) and had some birthday cake.  And now I have half a birthday cake, and I just know it will be calling my name all day tomorrow and the next day and the next day.  I just may have to have another peice, but after that, NO MORE!

By the time Hali was in bed it was late.  But not too late….


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I remember 24. Sigh. I have lived a LOT in my years as well. I have always felt old, sadly. At the same time, though, I still think it is cool and weird to be able to buy what I want with my own money at the grocery store so I remember waiting to feel like an “Adult”. Um. I’m still waiting, n’ stuff…

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