Hali’s First Hair Cut

January 30, 2007 at 2:22 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments


Last night I gave Hali her very first hair cut.  There is that whole “I-don’t-wanna-be-responsible-for-this-if-it-turns-ugly-and-she-
looks-laughable-and-is-scarred-for-life” element to the at home hair cut, but honestly, I didn’t think she would go for anyone else doing it.  That is, until I rediscovered the magic elixor. Chocolate.  Suddenly, it was happy, excited Hali, ready for mama to hack at her hair, as long as she got some M&Ms to munch on while I did so.

So I cut off an inch and a half or so at the sides of the back, which evened the back out. For some reason, either side of the back part of her hair were longer than the middle.  So now, it is all one length.  Not fancy, as it actually did only take me one snip with the scissors to cut the entire “long” part of her hair.  I took all her little baby hair whispies up front that keep pretending to be bangs, and evened them out to one length, resulting in the hilarious “my mom cut my bangs too short look” that looks too cute on all little girls.  With the back all naturally flipped out, I love it.

Unfortunately, my baby girl, who just a year ago had these amazing natural ringlets all over her head, is now a BIG GIRL! And nearly all the natural curl is gone.  As she is from our bed.  Also unfortunate is the fact that I too am no longer present in our bed.  I have spent the last three and a half weeks on an air mattress.  Ouch. My. Poor. Aching. Back. And. Hips. But I plan on re-admitting myself into The Adult Bed this weekend, when I buy another baby moniter.  I plan on enforcing a “couples only” rule on our bed hence forth.


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  1. Very nice! Maybe you should look into a career as a hair dresser! Lemme know how that “couples only” rule goes. 🙂

  2. I NEVER allow kids in our bed. NEVER.There has been times I can count on one hand where they have been sick enough that I couldn’t be far from them, but it is rare.Jon and are militant about it and it has never been an issue.

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