Look- Pretty!

February 27, 2007 at 6:23 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

The problem with my blog and Firefox is still not resolved, but look! Pretties! It may only be the end of February, but here in Texas, it is spring.  I have planted azelas and Japanese boxwood in the front. They look so puny- miniscule, really.  I am super proud of myself as this is the first time I have planted something of my own in my garden, like in the ground ‘n stuff.  Just call me Martha Freakin’ Stewart. So my mood rubbed off onto the blog. Much improved, I would say- it was so dark and serious.

I’ve been downloading pics onto flickr with comments, spring cleaning and organizing like a madwoman, moving furniture around, getting the shop organized, worrying that my daughter doesn’t eat enough (what is up with toddlers and the no eating?), reading, sleeping poorly, and trying to force Hali to sit in the “naughty chair”.

Great, so you get them there- by carrying them kicking and screaming, of course- then what? She doesn’t stay. Does this mean she is too young for the chair? I have also tried a rug. Same thing.  I have tried holding her down in it, sitting by her, sitting across the room from her, leaving the room, and all to no avail.  She won’t stay put. At first she thought it was a game. 

I think she is too young.  I am thinking about some kind of deprivation system. This sounds bad, but I think that is what will work for her. She loves her v-smile. That can be taken away for VERY bad behavior.  I think maybe something like a jar with candy in it, when she is bad I take some out or something tangible like that.  Is this bad?

So that is the short version of some of the things that have been going on.  It is nearly one in the morning, so I must try and get some sleep now, but rest assured, I miss blogging more frequently and will be sure to be back soon. 

*** I just looked at it using Internet Explorer, and the cute little flower and grass are all chopped up and boxed in a color that doesn’t blend into the background! Noooo! PLEASE E-MAIL ME IF YOU SEE THE SAME THING!!! I am going to cry!


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  1. Looks freaking gorgeous from here, babe.

  2. It looks cute to me and I use firefox.

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