Wonderfully Weird

March 12, 2007 at 2:18 pm | Posted in self awareness, The Mundane | Leave a comment
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We all have these wonderfully weird things that we are good at. Something that we excel in.  It sets us apart from the rest and makes us truly weird.  I suppose I have a few, nothing that is really brag worthy in comparison to many of you out there, but still! I am going to share in hopes that you too will admit your weirdness to me!

I can do the splits! Yes, that is right. This may not seem odd to you, but have you seen how big I am? Yes, I am right there borderline overweight/obese. Yet upon a challenge from my sister a year or so ago, I rediscovered that I can indeed still to the splits. My poor little sister was aghast that her fat old sister could do them better than she and quickly improved her own. Now that’s motivation! Oh, and yes, Jeremy is a lucky, lucky man- as you will continue to see.

I can burp on demand. It’s not a truly fabulous burp like I am capable of after a soda, but I can burp whenever I desire. Now if only I could fart on demand, we could be worried about what sex I was…

I can cross one eye and look straight foward at you with the other.  One eye is crossed, the other is not. It is freaky.

This isn’t a talent, but it is truly odd: I have webbed toes. My mom says to thank her brother because he also has them. Now, before you look for the nearest toilet/barf bag/garbage please be aware that not all of them are webbed- just two on each foot.  And only partially.  It’s not the entire thing.  They aren’t all scaly, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire looking (you know, when he eats gillyweed in the second task?)! The skin is just not fully separated between a portion of two of them. 

My husband never even noticed when we were dating until I pointed them out- and we dated during the summer.  The one time I got a pedicure, the guy sooo teased me about not being able to get the little cute toe things between them. Ya. That was the only time I ever went to get a pedicure. I do it myself sans the comments from the peanut gallery, thanks.

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